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SWForm 2.8.4







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Desktop clock with multiple themes is a simple and elegant new way to get work done. It is a clock gadget, calendar and text pad.

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This is a free version, but may require additional software to run, or use other files, such as fonts, which are not available with this free version.Q:

How to set focus on FormView in Django?

I have a problem with set focus on my form
I have next layout:
{% csrf_token %}

{% if user_form.non_field_errors %}
{{ user_form.non_field_errors }}
{% endif %}
{{ user_form.as_p }}

{% if request.POST.has_key(‘file’) %}

{% endif %}

But when I look to inspect element, I found that form is not focused, so the button “Upload” is not working.

{{ user_form.non_field_errors }}

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The clock program works on the.NET framework. For a working internet connection, S W Form requires Windows XP Professional, Home Premium, or Professional editions, or Windows 2000 Home Edition with Service Pack 3.

Extra elements should be moved to the right side bar, while others should be added to the main column.
A sample snapshot as of this article’s writing.

Add a bar chart to the charts panel

The chart widget is also part of the data visualization toolkit and is used to present data. It is especially useful in showing changes over time, comparing performance data, and visualizing geographical information such as income, population, or crime.
Charts can present multiple series of data, and other visual elements such as logos, symbols, trends, and scales.
Charts offer a variety of chart styles and are available to be downloaded as pre-made images, or created from scratch, using built in tools or third-party chart creator programs.
Today’s data visualization trend is to go back to basics and try to create more realistic looking charts, using shapes that can be easily understood by a computer, instead of some not-so-elegant looking shapes such as rectangles and circles that are hard to decipher, even for people with extensive data visualization experience.

Charts Panel screenshot

Drop shadows, shadows, shadows!

Adding shadows to a chart

The charting widgets normally come with a selection of graphical elements that make up chart elements. In general, chart elements include shapes such as rectangles, triangles, lines, and various shapes; text, including text labels, titles and legends; and entire graphs that include axes, gridlines, labels, legends, and titles.
Shapes are rendered in a 3D view, with the “view”, or the “camera” moving through 3D space with the chart elements. This is to create a scene-like feeling and impression, as seen in a real-time view of earth-like environmental or architectural data. In order for a 3D scene to look similar to the real one, the chart elements are rendered with depth, or “z”, which is often indicated by a black-yellow gradient and is called “depth”.
Setting a depth can be done by setting the “depth” of the element, or set the “z” value of the stroke option. Adding a shadow can be done using the “


With the SWForm, your computer screen can be a beautiful desktop clock. It is packed with cool features such as multiple themes, text pad with notes, calendar, as well as easy access to keyboard shortcuts and a ton of other handy tools.
It adds a small text pad to the screen, as well as a calendar, to make it easier for you to plan events and take notes. With the click of a button you can get access to various useful tools.
Keyboard shortcuts makes it easier to work with the application, with many keyboard shortcuts added to make it easy to work with the application.
SWForm Key Features:

Makes your computer screen a beautiful desktop clock

Multiple themes for the clock, as well as extra colors for the background

Pen and paper to make notes and plan events, as well as a calendar

Quick launch of tools for keyboard shortcuts, calculator, text pad, and more

Make it easier for you to work with the application, with many keyboard shortcuts added to make it easy to work with the application

A Simple web cam recorder for fun and profit
Simple recording camera
As the name suggests, Free Skype Recorder comes in a lightweight package. It can only record audio, but manages to do so without the need for a dedicated microphone.
It is available as a free software, but there’s also the possibility to download it for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Although it’s also available for other platforms such as Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.
Simple webcam recorder
The interface for Free Skype Recorder is very basic, consisting mainly of a button to start and stop recording, a small box in which you can find the video, and the preview window in which you can see the incoming sounds. There’s also a possibility to adjust the recording volume by dragging the slider.
In order to share the recording with others, you can upload the file to the VoIP (voice over IP) room or webchat directly from the box, or you can add it in a chat room in Skype, for easy access in the future.
Keyboard short cuts
As a regular webcam recorder, Free Skype Recorder doesn’t come with the option to record through specific video applications, such as Skype, Viber, Qik, Facetime, and more.
However, Skype does offer a remote application called Skype Direct, which opens as a new window when activated. Therefore,

What’s New in the?

Desktop clock with multiple themes
Customize clock size
Adjust transparency
Configure clock on taskbar
Toggle calendar
Auto-launch the clock on login
Manage themes
Open a calendarQ:

sort NSMutableArray by NSDate

Possible Duplicate:
Sorting an NSArray?

Hi All,
i have taken NSMutableArray in my storyboard, i have added count elements with NSDate, but i want to sort this NSMutableArray by NSDate. Please provide me the solution. Thanks in Advance.


The method -sortUsingDescriptors:error: is available since iOS 4.0.


Apple recommends using this method:
[array sortUsingComparator:^NSComparisonResult(id a, id b) {
// Do stuff with a and b here
return someComparisonResult;

rather than [array sortBy]
which is what –if you take the liberty of interpreting– you’ve been doing.


Swift version:
for (var item in array) {
for (i in 0..1941 Western Michigan Broncos football team

The 1941 Western Michigan Broncos football team was an American football team that represented Western Michigan College (now known as Western Michigan University) in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) during the 1941 college football season. In their ninth season under head coach Kenneth “Bill” Kelly, the Broncos compiled a 7–2–1 record (3–1–1 against MAC opponents), won the conference championship, and outscored all opponents by a combined total of 165 to 75. The team played its home games at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Quarterback Bob Helmer was the team captain. The team’s statistical leaders

System Requirements:

Window PC
Mac PC
Mobile phone (iPhone or Android)
At least 2 GB RAM
25 MB free HDD
Web Browser
Internet connection
OS: OS X 10.7.5 or later
OS: Windows 8 or later
Processor: 2GHz or higher
Windows PC
iPhone 4 or later
Windows 8 or later