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Starship Annihilator Download


Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






[NOTE] Can also be used as a commercial game for sale on digital distribution networks for consumption on a wide range of devices!
Different Rules – play however you want!
– Difficulty jumps: set hard/medium/easy levels. Players can even play in single-player mode, using all the weapons in the game!
– Unobstructed play: don’t be afraid to hit on-screen walls, they don’t hurt you!
– Challenge: provide different number of weapons, colors, enemies, score targets, power-ups, bosses, and so on!
– Character sprites: choose from 3 different character models, each of them with several interchangeable skins!
– Big bosses: A Mega-Boss awaits you every few levels!
– Artificial Intelligence: make the enemies more intelligent and challenging!
– 10 different levels, with a total of 70 missions: 10 missions for each level!
– 10 different boss enemies: a highly-intelligent being that has designed itself to hunt you. Bosses can vary from strange monsters to unique weapons, and will never repeat!
Ammo and bullets can be collected and collected separately to give you a good amount of weaponry!
How to Play:
Arrow Keys: Move your character
Spacebar: Shoot and dodge
Keyboard controls and color controls are marked with a sign.
On Windows computer, hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the A key to speed up your character or holding the Alt key when pressing the “~” key to slow down the character.
Go through the start of the game.
Explore the world and collect all the weapons and the major power-ups.
Be warned that the monsters will hunt you through the game!
Finish your adventure in-game, or try your luck on the Survival mode for a better score!
When you’ve finished playing, save your game.
How to Launch:
Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the A key to launch the game.
Enjoy the game!
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Available on
This page gives you instructions on how to play your game on Microsoft Windows and Mac. If you’re a beginner, check out the Microsoft Windows link. If you’re an advanced user, feel free to check


Starship Annihilator Features Key:

  • Play as Commander Valka
  • 5 Levels for Battles and Adventures

System Requirements

  • Windows OS
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1253 Mb Storage


Starship Annihilator (Final 2022)

* 9 full-featured levels to complete!
* 6 boss levels!
* Many power-ups that will help you gain the upper hand!
* Powerful use of boosters, smart bombs, missiles and more!
* Level-ups.
★ Gorgeous graphics!
★ Smooth scrolling!
★ Space Ships filled with enemy bullets!
★ Many power-ups to help you!
★ Easy controls: By pressing a direction in which you want to move, the game will rotate accordingly!
★ High scores table!
★ Game Center! Check your high scores in the Game Center!
★ Game Center Leaderboard! Be the first to reach the top of the leaderboards!
★ Facebook! Share your high score with your friends!
★ Trophy Case! Register your high score!
By the way, for a limited time, you will get more bonus when you buy the game.
How to play?
Just press the direction in which you want to move! Your ship will rotate in the direction accordingly!
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Starship Annihilator Free License Key Download PC/Windows

7 different game levels and 10 bosses with increasing difficulty.
Press A to shoot.
Press B to throw.
Press X to activate a power-up (weapon upgrades).
Keyboard control:
Adjust your weapons by using the keys on your keyboard.
“Arrow Keys” (up, down, left, right)
Space key
“Action Keys” (Pause, Start, Pause)
“Reverse Arrows” (L & R)
X key
“Left Control”
“Right Control”
“Left Shift”
“Right Shift”
“Left Alt”
“Right Alt”
You’ll have the additional power-ups available:
– “Shotgun” – for barrel bullets,
– “Laser” – for laser bullets,
– “Bow” – for arrows,
– “E.S.P” – for energy blast.
“Starship Annihilators” is controlled using your keyboard and mouse.
Hide and seek
Hello, people. I’m trying to do for Android like Game “Mystery Island” for PC. So, I’m looking for some friends. This game has 3 genres of play: Combat, Puzzle and Stealth.
In Combat mode. You have the island and an enemy. You try to avoid the explosion as much as possible. The number of enemies is increased every level, so it can be a little bit challenging.
In Puzzle mode. You are in front of a kind of code. You must pass the puzzle by avoiding the certain doors of the game. The number of doors are increased every level, so it can be a little bit challenging.
In Stealth mode. This is a little bit different. In this mode you have to stay under the enemy camera and the enemies don’t detect you. It depends on your speed. If the enemy detects you, your speed will be decreased and the time will be increased. If the enemy doesn’t detect you and you are in the starting, your speed will be increased.
– Don’t go out of the island.
– Don’t talk to others.
– Don’t die.
So, if you want help in my game, you’re very welcome. I also have a website on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so you can get in touch with me. It’s www.facebook.com/hideandseekgame
Thanks, Daniel Santos.
P.S. Sorry for


What’s new:

This is a thing I created for a weekend that I worked on! That means I didn’t use any problems posed from my Star Trek Trivia or Star Fleet encyclopedia book challenges.
Here is the beginning of it!
My initial character would be a pretty soldier
The weapon he carries would be a blaster
I needed to give him space armor at some point so I put it on now
The first version of this guy was a pretty decent fan art pony version and
this was the source of that design.
The text I wrote myself on this one
The weapon was the cutlass in this stage
The background was pretty simple but I added some
To finish the image, I felt the need to add another character
This pastel version of him might be a bit strange at first glance but
he is traditionally a pilot. His color called to the white
of the space fighter and his name references to the character’s
ability to fly.
His face is pretty rough but I knew I needed to
include a “Lucky” in there somewhere, thus the bilge gun sitting
right under his seat. His new uniform is dark and astoundingly
Below this, a character that has a slight mental problem. A brilliant mind is lost to uncontrollable mumbling. For some reason, we all ignored him and ignored him.
I didn’t need much of a background because I
felt like the design needed so much to itself that there
wasn’t much room for the background. I felt that background
would only get in the way. Plus, this character wouldn’t
actually be on screen that often.
I wanted to create a wardrobe that wasn’t just
white or black. It had to be a mix, and the concept I was
keenly adhering to was that the Ralph McQ joint on the street
in the city. This meant bright colors.
There would have to be lights in the room as well as lights in his helmet.
The stuff he’s made of was a story in and
of itself!
While keeping the original design I added new twists to
this character. Because he was going to die a lot, I needed
to give him


Free Starship Annihilator Crack Serial Key PC/Windows [2022]


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    System Requirements For Starship Annihilator:

    You must be at least 16 years of age to play this game.
    This game is intended to be played on a computer with a connection to the internet.
    There are certain features of this game that do require a broadband connection.
    Access to the internet is required in order to play this game.
    If you don’t have an internet connection you can still play the game, but you won’t be able to experience some of the features.
    You will need to sign in to the game through Facebook (optional).
    A broadband internet connection is recommended


    Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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