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Smuxi Incl Product Key [Win/Mac] [March-2022]







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Smuxi is a free multi-protocol IM client for Linux, Windows and Mac. It focuses on reliability, ease of use, and extensibility. In addition to the usual IM protocols: AIM, ICQ, MSN, YIM, Jabber, Google Talk, Jabber, Facebook, Twitter, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk and AIM, Smuxi also supports eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), offline files and much more.
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Keywords: smuxi, irc, irc client, IM client, jabber, protocal, irssi, xmpp, multi-protocol, text based, web based
Operating System: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, BSD, Solaris
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Smuxi Crack + Serial Key Free [Win/Mac]

Smuxi Torrent Download is an instant messaging client using the GTK+ libraries. It supports XMPP and a large number of other instant messaging protocols.
Smuxi Installation:
Smuxi can be easily installed using the…
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Smuxi Product Key

Smuxi aims to be a modern and clean IRC client with the advantage of a graphical user interface. The IRC protocol in question can be used on a variety of desktop platforms, the size of the window being kept to a minimum for an improved user experience. Smuxi can be run in multiple languages and includes a large array of customizations.
What makes Smuxi different from other similar tools?
First of all, Smuxi comes with the benefit of being a “frontend” to the underlying IRC server. This means that aside from a couple of basic commands, you can connect to multiple servers, stay connected to your conversations, change your nick, link other chatrooms, access your messages, etc. The functionality of Smuxi is clearly the best of all alternatives to using an IRC client application directly.
In addition, Smuxi comes with multiple customizable and skinable user interfaces, layouts and color schemes. A large array of preset configurations allow you to choose the exact look and feel that your personal preference demands. With time, the developer has improved the application, making it compatible with more and more IRC networks, improving the functionality and adding a few small, yet helpful features.
So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet elegant IRC client, consider Smuxi, the one-stop-shop!
Smuxi: a true IRC client with a different look and feel
Smuxi is an IRC client like few others have ever seen. Its “GUI”, as the developers prefer to call it, is tiled, a real IRC client that feels just right. We love the app, the support is great, and the developers even make it look good. It’s our best IRC client so far.
Smuxi is only a client. The app doesn’t do anything else than show you the conversations from multiple servers in a nice looking GUI. You still have to use an IRC client to do the actual work, but that doesn’t mean you have to install and configure a server just to have Smuxi. Smuxi is perfectly fine just being a client.
All features of Smuxi are thoroughly described in our tutorial, so we won’t just give you a list of features that you can read in a few words:
New Smuxi Version: Smuxi is shipped with the new version of Smuxi as of 4.3.6. This contains some very important changes. The biggest one

What’s New in the Smuxi?

Smuxi is a multi-protocol instant messaging client that can replace your favorite instant messenger. It is the instant messaging client with the most features.
Protocol Support:
AIM, IRC, ICQ, Jabber, IRCII, MSN, Odnoklassniki, QQ, Skype, Steam, Twitter, Vkontakte
Audio – Audio- and video conferencing with webcam support
Beside chat and file transfer, Smuxi has an extensive set of features such as:
Clipboard History
Control of user preferences: Ignoring users, blocking messages from users, ability to follow users
Our Team
User Manual
Important note
The application is free to download and try out, but not all features are available in the free version. In order to get all the features, you have to subscribe to Smuxi Premium.
Smuxi is free software which means you are free to use, distribute and copy it, so long as you retain the copyright and license appropriate to your use of the software.
Communication with the largest networks.
Available on 5 platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Works with all protocols.
8 protocols and growing!
Version 3.0.0
Built by a very active team of volunteers.
Many features are still being developed.
Smuxi has been written from scratch in a new programming language, Perl, and there were a few hurdles to overcome. The biggest problem has been making a new environment work on older versions of Windows that don’t recognize the newer Perl libraries. There have been many small bugs, mostly minor issues that did not interfere with the usability of the application but bugfixes are being written to improve.
Smuxi was not chosen for our project because we were looking for a hardworking and dedicated team of programmers. Instead we chose a team that was already doing something similar and was happy to take a challenge. Besides being programmers, they are also artists and musicians who were eager to help us out with designing the GUI.
We have been able to keep a very close contact with the developer team. Whenever we find a bug or a feature request, we can mention it on the web site. We regularly send thank you emails to all the contributors.
Smuxi is

System Requirements For Smuxi:

– A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series GPU or higher, with at least 8GB VRAM
– A Intel Core i5-1035G7 or higher
– 8GB or more of RAM
– A 64-bit operating system
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