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Proxomitron_Sidebar+ Crack Download [32|64bit] [Latest]

Proxomitron MenuProxomitron_Sidebar+ provides a front-end for Proxomitron and Maxthon functionalities. It is designed to simply make these functions easily accessible from one common location.
Before using the plugin:
– go to the Blocklists page and click on ‘setup’. A slide out panel will open, allowing you to set up the following:
1. The proxomitron folder location
2. The Proxomitron config file you want to use
3. The prefix URL you will use (if you use one).
All these settings can be changed as needed later on as well. (Note that if you add a prefix URL, you must add it to the proxomitron config screen as well.).
The Blocklist screen uses javscript’s FSO function, which may cause a warning popup to appear.when the blocklist page opens – it is reading your proxomitron default.cfg file to pull your available blocklists – and when you instigate a handful of other functions (anything that reads/writes from a file on your hard disk)…
This is a normal part of Microthug’s security and can’t be avoided when using javascript. Just answer ‘yes’ to it’s question and the blockfile page/action will load/occur. (Since loading the latest Maxthon, the warnings don’t appear on the author’s PC’s anymore, so you may not see them at all.)







Proxomitron_Sidebar+ Crack + Registration Code (Updated 2022)

– Proxomitron_Sidebar is a front-end for Proxomitron with a few additional features.
– it’s built as an add-on, so it doesn’t need the Maxthon menu to be installed to use the functions in the sidebar.
– It is configurable through Maxthon’s config editor to set the options needed to use the sidebar.
– Proxomitron_Sidebar+ Download With Full Crack updates the blocklist of any proxomitron enabled site by default, and loads it’s new version, if available.
– Proxomitron_Sidebar+ Cracked Version allows you to:
– add any proxomitron enabled website to your proxomitron blocklist
– view the contents of any proxomitron enabled website in your proxomitron blocklist
– delete any proxomitron enabled website from your proxomitron blocklist
– clear any proxomitron enabled website’s blocklist
– expand the proxomitron blocklist of a proxomitron enabled site by loading the proxomitron info blocklist (for easier viewing)
– expand the proxomitron blocklist of a proxomitron enabled site by loading the proxomitron side lists (for easier viewing)
– revert the proxomitron blocklist back to its default state
– view the proxomitron prefs.cfg file contents
– view the proxomitron settings (like urls, admin password, etc.)
– view the proxomitron config file (proxomitron-config.cfg)
– view the current site’s proxomitron blocklist (current site’s proxomitron_blocklist.cfg)
– view the proxomitron blocklists (proxomitron_blocklists.cfg)
– use proxomitron’s version to scan sites you have proxomitron enabled (current site’s proxomitron_blocklist.cfg, current site’s proxomitron_blocklists.cfg)
– you can change all the above settings through the plugin.

Note: Proxomitron is an excellent and powerful tool, which can easily detect and block users and sites for you, and you should definitely use it.

Video of the proxomitron_sidebar:

Version 1.4:

– added a column in the quick links tab for prox

Proxomitron_Sidebar+ [Mac/Win] Latest

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Proxomitron_Sidebar+ With Keygen [Updated]

This plugin is designed to allow you to access proxomitron/maxthon functionality from any of your browser windows. It does this by adding an icon in the toolbar.
– When you click the icon, the proxomitron menu will pop-up. You can then access the maxthon menu from the proxomitron menu.
– To add/remove features from your proxomitron menu, you can use the’setup’ option on the Blocklists page on your proxomitron site.
– You can use proxomitron’s access level feature to limit the access that you have from your proxomitron site to only those who have a certain access level.
Thanks for all the support and feedback that you guys have given this site over the years.
(Due to Maxthug’s version of Maxthon going offline soon, the proxomitron package for Mac will only be able to run for a short time.)


July 30th, 2012


bugfix: an error that caused the popup menus to act strangely in firefox was fixed.

Thanks for the positive feedback, it means a lot. If there’s anything you’d like to see added, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

August 7th, 2012


bugfix: a bug in firefox related to the popup menus had been fixed.

thanks for the positive feedback, it means a lot. If there’s anything you’d like to see added, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.


September 3rd, 2011

bugfix: a problem with copy/paste menu items disappearing had been fixed.


June 1st, 2011


New! The proxomitron_blocklist.php script can now be used for proxomitron sites too. A new option has been added to allow you to use the proxomitron_blocklist.php script on proxomitron sites – with this option, the menu items on the proxomitron menus will now all use the proxomitron_blocklist.php script.


New! The proxomitron_sidebar.php script can now be used for proxomitron sites too.

What’s New in the?


This plugin will add a Blocklist item in the’more’ tab of the proxomitron configuration page (you can access it from the proxomitron_sidebar+ tab of the site).


Simply, add this to the proxomitron_sidebar+:

{blocklist = “myproxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_folder = “~/Maxthon/proxomitron_new/”}

To rename the Blocklist:

{blocklist = “myproxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_folder = “~/Maxthon/proxomitron_new/”, name = “my_proxomitron_sidebar_frontend”}

To move the Blocklist:

{blocklist = “myproxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_folder = “~/Maxthon/proxomitron_new/”, name = “my_proxomitron_sidebar_frontend”}

To delete the Blocklist:

{blocklist = “myproxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_folder = “~/Maxthon/proxomitron_new/”, name = “my_proxomitron_sidebar_frontend”}

To change the Blocklist (if you use a prefix URL):

{blocklist = “myproxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_folder = “~/Maxthon/proxomitron_new/”, name = “my_proxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, prefix_url = “”}

To change the Blocklist (if you use a manual proxomitron_config.cfg file):

{blocklist = “myproxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_folder = “~/Maxthon/proxomitron_new/”, name = “my_proxomitron_sidebar_frontend”, proxomitron_config = “config.cfg”}

Proxomitron_frontend+ is fully compatible with all other proxomitron_sidebar* plugins.


Do not alter the blocklist name or remove it, otherwise it will not work.

Remember to give this plugin a short file name, so you will see it. (Like proxomitron_sidebar_frontend, or similar.)

To install/uninstall:

System Requirements For Proxomitron_Sidebar :

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9
Hard disk: 25 GB of available storage
OS: Windows Vista/7/8
-Game Length:
-Can be played using keyboard or game controller