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Some people use Photoshop to edit documents, print graphics, create web graphics, use images as masks, and more.
But Photoshop has many other uses as well, from simple color adjustments to retouching, deconstructing, retouching, modifying, fixing and more.
Adobe Photoshop, for Windows, is available in two editions, CS5 and CS6, starting with the Version 10 name.
What’s New in Photoshop CS6
Adobe has long been at the forefront of computer technologies, as well as the software industry. Photoshop CS6, introduced at the Adobe MAX conference in September 2013, incorporates many new features. Adobe Photoshop CS6 provides for easier workflow, faster performance, and new tools.
A wave of new features includes:
Keyword-insensitive searches.
A new, powerful Non-destructive Editing System.
New visualization layers and adjustment layers.
Adjustment layers that perform complex adjustments.
Warping and warping-preserving techniques.
Facsimile-style print layouts.
The ability to import images from Instagram and Facetune-like editing.
New content-aware tools.
A powerful new spline tool for smoothing and creating advanced curves.
Different effects can be applied to the curves, allowing for really complex curves and photo-like effects.
A pathfinder tool for drawing and creating anchor points.
Improved Smart Objects.
Group Layers can now work together for better control.
Selection Layers can be used to add effects and mask selections at the same time.
New video-editing features, including importing clips from YouTube and editing video from still photos.
New multi-target layers.
Smart objects can now be edited to maintain quality.
Granular masking.
New layer-based effects.
Polaroid-style effects, easily.
Content-aware tools make it easy to add alignment to images.
Raster effects work with vector layers, helping you to create vector art.
Keep up with the latest Photoshop updates and news on the Photoshop blog.
What’s New in Photoshop CS6 for iPad
Adobe has announced that Photoshop will be coming to iPad. The Photoshop for iPad version will be included with the iLife ’12 App Suite from Adobe.
“We’re creating the Photoshop experience on the iPad

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It’s perfectly possible to use Photoshop Elements to convert photos into high-quality PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF and TIF files. Photoshop Elements is an excellent tool for image editing and design. In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to change a photo into high-quality PNG, JPG, JPG, GIF and TIF files.
How to Convert High-Quality JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIF/BMP Files into JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIF/BMP using Adobe Photoshop Elements
You can convert all photo formats or simply just adjust the quality of a JPEG or JPG file.
Resize a JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIF/BMP file in many ways: increase the size of a photo; resize the photos in the middle or frame; resize the photos according to your needs. This is how you do it:
Step 1: Open a JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIF/BMP image. Download and upload to your computer:
1. Open Photoshop Elements 12.2 or later from the App Store or Google Play Store. Download to your computer:
a) Click the File button.
b) Click the Open button.
c) Open the folder where you saved the image. The folder may be in a public or private location on your computer. This step may also need a password on the file. If this is the case, the folder will have password protection.
2. Click the Image on the left side of the screen.
Select the image by dragging it to the left or right side of the image. When it comes to your screen you will see this:
3. Click Edit on the Menu bar at the top of the screen.
The menu bar will change and you’ll see several options on the left side of the screen.
Click the Layer menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
The layer menu will change and you’ll see several options on the left side of the screen. Click Layers.
The Layers panel will appear. It will either be in a default or basic format. You can see the layers by clicking the eye icon at the bottom left of the image.
Change the Image Size setting to Square:
This option allows

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A UN-led joint mission is visiting Bangladesh’s Ofla International Hospital, the site of last week’s attack on Rohingya refugees, in an effort to conduct an independent investigation.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh is intensifying efforts to establish the facts surrounding the killing, and the United Nations appealed to Myanmar to speed up the process.
“The visit to the hospital will help us to make a diagnosis of the causes of the tragedy, and that is really what we must be doing,” said Koïchiro Matsuura, the secretary-general of the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR.
“We hope that the Myanmar authorities are ready to cooperate with us in the interest of both sides, and that is the only way forward,” he added.
The visit, which began on Sunday, is due to last until at least Saturday and is led by a team from the International Organization for Migration, consisting of representatives from Bangladesh, Myanmar and UNHCR.
Two doctors, a forensic expert and a medical journalist from Reuters are also on the mission.
The team will conduct an inspection of the site, which came under attack on 25 August in which three members of the security forces were killed and 22 Rohingya people were injured, and take measurements of the damage caused.
The Rohingya refugees are setting up a camp in the Ofla area, which is being guarded by Bangladeshi forces, to allow the inspectors to enter.
According to UN estimates, some 200,000 people have taken shelter in the area since the violence.
Facts and no facts?
Myanmar has denied being responsible for the bombing, while UN officials have charged that the attack was carried out by the military, and by Ko Tee, the Aung San Suu Kyi-led government’s de facto leader, who is also the minister of home affairs.
Rights groups say there is evidence that security forces carried out the attack, but that many Rohingya people were killed in indiscriminate firefights.
“The evidence we have points in that direction,” said George K. Tipton, UN regional expert on protection of human rights in Myanmar, after the first visit to the area by a UN mission.
“Our first observation is the security forces are gone, but our second observation is it has become the responsibility of the military and the police to preserve order and safety,” he said. �

What’s New in the?

Thyrotropin-releasing hormone inhibits proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells through cyclic AMP-dependent and cyclic GMP-independent mechanisms.
We recently demonstrated that the growth of vascular smooth muscle cells was inhibited by agents that elevate cyclic AMP or cyclic GMP levels. Because TRH mimics many effects of ACTH in vascular tissue, we sought to determine whether TRH, at concentrations that elevate cyclic AMP or cyclic GMP, would affect DNA synthesis in vitro. In cultured aortic smooth muscle cells, TRH caused a dose-dependent inhibition of [3H]-thymidine incorporation. This inhibition was unaffected by the cAMP-dependent cyclic AMP-generating agents forskolin and 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine, and cAMP levels remained elevated after 24-hr incubation with TRH. TRH-induced inhibition of [3H]-thymidine incorporation was completely blocked by the protein kinase inhibitor H-7 (1-10 microM), indicating that protein synthesis and cyclin synthesis, two processes that are controlled by protein kinase C, are required for this effect. In contrast, the cyclic GMP-dependent cyclic GMP-generating agents 5′-guanylyl-imidodiphosphate and 8-bromo-cAMP inhibited [3H]-thymidine incorporation, but TRH had no effect on cyclic GMP levels. Moreover, TRH inhibited [3H]-thymidine incorporation with a half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) of approximately 1 nM, a concentration that is in the physiological range for TRH. These data demonstrate that TRH inhibits cell proliferation in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells through a protein kinase C-dependent and -independent mechanism.Q:
Surprising Java Classloader behaviour
I’m examining different classloaders for my project, not just the normal classloaders like the applet java.lang.ClassLoader and the SUN J2SE library, but also the JCE based in the rt.jar.
I started with the applet java.lang.ClassLoader. In a simple app I have a program which creates a new classLoader and then calls the findClass method from the invokedynamic instruction (javap -v -s c=Ijava.lang.ClassLoader).
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP SP3 or later,
Windows XP SP3 or later, Recommended OS: Windows 7 or later
Windows 7 or later Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 2.83GHz or better
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 2.83GHz or better Memory: 4GB RAM
4GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card
DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or later
DirectX 9.0c or later Hard Drive