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Create and play your own radio stations right from your PC.
…and now, here is the link to the downloads for the DJ Streamer…
Windows DJ Streamer:
Linux DJ Streamer:
Mac OS X DJ Streamer:
… and here is the link to the downloads for MorphVOX:
The DJ Streamer is a free, open-source project. Check out the About page for more info:
You can easily copy the downloaded ZIP files into your Documents\Soft_Matrix folder to install them.
There is also a very large number of menu graphic images included with the DJ Streamer. You can optionally install them into the root of your Windows or Mac OS X computer to make them appear in the DJ Streamer menus (no install required).
You can also find the included PNG images (as well as the CMYK PSD files) on CDNs such as:
placed during M-F Monday-Friday 10am-6pm PST between April 1st- April 30th qualify for a $100 discount (Free Shipping applies to US orders). The 20% off discount is applied at checkout so purchase with confidence.
Heads up, first-time users! Please note you must provide a US shipping address in order to qualify for free, standard shipping.
About the Design
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  • Play Final Fantasy VII Game and Unplug Gameroom
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A treasure hunter you can enjoy both as a cute, amusing adventure, or a heart-warming life simulation about a true hero.
Raised by rabbits, Jonathan Banfield roams the expansive Egyptian ruins. Jonathan dreams of one day establishing an inclusive society where he and his many friends live together peacefully, side by side with every kind of rabbit.
That is, until he receives a letter informing him of an archaeological discovery no one has seen before: a sunken treasure-filled ship buried over a thousand years ago in an ancient tomb.
But before he can go to the ship, Jonathan’s ex-partner shows up and steals the treasure for himself. So begins the epic adventure to find all seven holy grails, the one thing that can purify Jonathan’s name of the curse brought upon it by the ancient evil – Sehur the First.
There are no real controls in this game.
You just point your character and your inventory, which determines what he can see.
Key Features
All the classic elements of an adventure game, and new elements to make Pharaoh Rebirth+ stand out.
Sculpture that walks around.
Lovable characters that interact with the scenery.
Character models that change form depending on what is behind them.
Backgrounds that change to match the new character forms.
Treasures that change depending on where you find them.
Highly polished, high production value.
Original soundtrack from the game designer himself.
Easy to get into but hard to get away from!
If you enjoyed Professor Layton or Suikoden, then you will definitely find Pharaoh Rebirth+ a great game to play!
Some Backgrounds and BGM
Main Menu: (Main menu in English / Japanese)
I’ll freely admit that, I wrote the story for the game, and only needed to find a suitable place where I could focus on creating it. Naturally, for that, I drew inspiration from things that had already been made.
The ancient Egyptian myth and legends were of great value in helping me with the story, so my characters were made to be like their Egyptian counterparts. A little bit of work and set dressing, and I had the world that I needed. I selected the path of most fitting for the story, and at times, adjusted the plot accordingly.
Character in the game:
I based the character designs of the main characters around the following criteria:
An adequate silhouette that makes them look appealing.
A sense of dimension.


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– Each player starts the round as one of 8 players.
– Each player is given a card with a list of characters on it. Each character is either on their home property, in the town, or on their opponents property, however, some are strategically off property.
– Each property is given an item to begin the game.
– A player may use their item in a variety of ways. From its intended use, to devious and original uses that are executed.
– Players use their item and their opponents items to give them a tactical advantage to the round.
– Once all items are used, the round ends and the most valued player/property wins.
– The first round a new player is on, he or she is given a new start as a player.
– Players are given 4 turns a round, and the final round is a possible 10-15 moves.
look behind the scenes of the Town of Salem
06 Mar 2014 21:29:11 +0000>
This is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of designing, building, and implementing a haunt. This is the process of taking a concept and bringing it from the drawing board to reality.
Deed of Deception V2 has been released! www.objectivereality.com/the-deed-of-deception/
Check out the next version of my open-source video game. Here is what has changed.
In this version, I added a more comprehensive decision-making mechanism to give players more options on how they play the game. Players now have several options they can choose from at any time, and the player with the most options at any time controls the game.
Players also got the addition of a small procedural


What’s new:

    and Dragons
    The Idea
    Let’s say you’re playing an iconic RPG like Dungeons and Dragons. This is a game where the gameplay is about using dice to perform tasks or check things, and to make choices. Looking at it this way, it’s easier to see how a little modification of the equations could drastically change the character of the experience. Fireballs are a good example of this, and they’re actually not as foreign as you might think.
    It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s played D&D before that throwing fireballs is probably one of the most common things to do, in all circumstances. You could hit a bad, but it wouldn’t be the end of the story because there’s more where that came from. From a narrative standpoint you need something more drastic for a memorable moment. We’ll address this later, but let’s take a step back and examine what we’re doing already.
    The Problem
    First of all, let’s address the problem. The reason why these fireball traps were installed is to say “The dragon is giving you a show.” An in-game reason to give a show would be to throw a lot of fireballs at one person and end their lives. Note we aren’t doing that, we’re trying to make the rules more interesting.
    Playing around with Fireballs
    The first thing to notice is that if the role of the fireball was that it causes a lot of damage, chances are the fireballs it deals out are big and fat. It’s a no-brainer and it seems to be how the game is set up. We’re going to modify the equations here and there to accomplish more meaningful choices than dice rolls. First of all, let’s look at that one interesting round between First World War soldiers.
    First Round/Card & Die
    Let’s start with the basics, and let’s see if we can modify the equations in a way that creates a more interesting combat. Since we’re targeting a better narrative, we’ll throw out the damage equation and allow one health instead of 20. If we use a pair of d6 for the cards, does that create a better conflict between each choice?
    In this case answer is yes. A pair of d6 causes more


    Free Download N++ (NPLUSPLUS) Full Product Key PC/Windows

    This is a card game for every level of players!
    Stake life and death situations! Help our heroine avoid danger on her way to Grandma’s house, and earn as many coins as possible on your way to become a true witch!
    Switch between six playable characters and have fun in an all new way to earn the most coins! Each character brings its unique set of cards, gameplay features and bonuses!
    Choose wisely! If you try to carry the wrong cards, you’ll lose your combo multiplier, and lose your remaining cards! Before you even make the slightest mistake, you will have to choose between switching cards and losing game points – it’s not always easy!
    Become a witch! Choose between six different characters! Each has its own set of unique game features and gameplay styles. You can get maximum coins by choosing the right character at the right time!
    – Choose between six different characters!
    – Master every secret!
    – Earn bonus coins for every new challenge!
    – Pick up special cards to boost your combo multiplier!
    – Open new cards to extend your combo multiplier!
    – Play across multiple layouts!
    Choose the right timing to complete each level and earn maximum coins!
    The greedier you are, the more coins you’ll earn! The smaller the number of game points is, the less coins you’ll earn!
    The easier it is, the more you’ll earn! The more combos you’ve earned, the more coins you’ll earn!
    – Be aggressive or be careful!
    – Balance between timings and strategies!
    – Earn more points by playing without losing your points!
    – Low health means lower combo multiplier and fewer coins!
    Get inspired by all your favorite fairytale characters!
    Looking for a new fairytale adventure? Or a challenge you can fall in love with? Then you’ve come to the right place! Red Riding Hood is a fun card game that takes you on a trip around the world of fairytales!
    There are six different characters, each of which brings its own unique set of cards, gameplay features and gameplay styles to the table!
    Save Red Riding Hood!
    Help the children on their path to Grandma’s and follow the story of Red Riding Hood through all of its illustrations!
    Read the story! Read the in-game books, if you like!
    Each in-game book contains an illustration, text, and special missions. The in-game books are


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