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MMI Simulator Crack With Keygen Free Download [Updated]

MMI Simulator provides programmers with a handy and lightweight framework that enables them to test UI interaction code written in C or C++.
With the help of MMI Simulator, you can test source code written for small devices directly on your PC. A few examples are included in the package to demonstrate how the application actually works.







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– Provides a simple and easy-to-learn tool for programmers who wish to develop C and C++ applications for small devices. The tool includes a test program and source code.
– Useful for testing the user interface interactions through the simulator.
– Keep your interface code portable and test it on real hardware after release.
– Allows you to make testing on your PC much easier than testing on real hardware.
– Lets you to test the application interface running on your PC without a target device.
* No other similar app is as feature-rich as MMI Simulator Download With Full Crack and does not cost $99.
* The MMI Simulator is capable of running your application for small devices.
* Test your application UI interactions written in C or C++ on your PC, including WVGA, 800×600, and 640×480 resolutions without additional devices.
* Refreshes and rebuilds the project on each project change, so there is no need to rebuild and deploy the code on the simulator.
* Long press of the Stop button stops the simulation.
* Save and load projects.
* MMI Simulator has a project file editor.
* Supports external graphics controller and displays OpenGL texture and bitmap on the screen.
* A simulation can be paused by pressing Esc key or by clicking the pause button.
* You can test the UI program while the simulator runs on your PC.
* Control of the simulator is as easy as dragging and dropping simulated buttons and icons.
* Supports hardware acceleration.
* Supports audio.
* Supports all events from target device.
* MMI Simulator supports both mouse and joystick.
* Captures all screenshots on the screen.
* Shortcuts and internationalization.
* Supports snapshot and realtime.
* Supports VGA and SVGA.
* Supports OpenGL textures.
* Realtime rendering of the texture and OpenGL surfaces.
* Supports documentation.
* Supports OpenGL state.
* Supports OpenGL and DirectX states.
* Control of application status.
* Control of memory usage.
* Supports operation key.
* Supports the following key codes:
+ “Top of Page”
+ “Bottom of Page”
+ “Left of Page”
+ “Right of Page”
+ “First Page”
+ “Last Page”
+ “First Page”
+ “Last Page”
+ “Previous page”
+ “Next page”
+ “PageUp”
+ “PageDown”

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MMI Simulator is a framework for testing standalone GUI applications.
MMI Simulator provides a test environment for detecting and listing errors in your code.

MMI Simulator Requirements:

The MMI Simulator framework is a command line utility (written in C++) which allows you to start, configure, stop and render testing sessions. It is simple to use with no configuration required.
MMI Simulator is written in C++ and provides a console window with which you can run, stop and create sessions. The console window supports up to four sessions, one per CPU. Multiple sessions are created with a command that simulates a keyboard press. To simulate a keyboard press, the key code of the key you press is added to an array. When you press a key, the contents of the array is sorted in descending order. The smallest key code is placed at the beginning of the array and the largest one is at the end. This allows you to simulate pressing the numerous keys in the keyboard. MMI Simulator allows you to access the output of the console window from outside the application with the use of a DLL. This allows you to use MMI Simulator as part of other applications (like Excel, Visual Studio and other development tools).
MMI Simulator can simulate:

Mouse movements

Key presses

Window changes (window resizes)

Application launches

It can simulate mouse clicks with the coordinates determined with the help of one of the following methods:

Mouse coordinates

X, Y position of pointer

Click time

Press and hold time

The MMI Simulator framework is based on standard Windows communication for desktop applications. So, it is possible that MMI Simulator runs without a problem on Windows, however, you may get errors on other operating systems. MMI Simulator has been tested on the following operating systems:

Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2, XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7.

MMI Simulator can simulate many applications. Currently MMI Simulator is able to simulate applications:

Control Panel

E-mail client

File Explorer

Internet Explorer


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Works

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

VBA editor

Web browser














MMI Simulator [Latest]

MMI Simulator is a lightweight and handy freeware developed with C++/Qt technology, this utility is designed to provide programmers with a handy and lightweight framework that enables them to test UI interaction code written in C or C++ on all major Windows platforms.Q:

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I’m trying to use script from a file. I’ve created it as a ‘js’ file.
I can’t see error, but it doesn’t working.
I’ve added to the main.php :

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In the index.php I’ve a layout file :


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Am I doing something wrong?


For completeness:
Loading a JS-File in Yii (By @ezr-stanford)

Can you put a link to your JS file in you head. If you have to specify the path, try:

Makes sure you set the correct file-path in the head.
And you can add JS-scripts in the layout:

My Page
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My Page

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What’s New In?

MMI Simulator is a simulation tool for automating interactive UI testing.
The tool makes it possible to simulate keystrokes and mouse movements of a virtual user on screen, on any Windows desktop PC, without the need for running the OS in any of its Windows Virtual Machine capabilities.
Unlike other tools for real-time video playback of screen-capture images, the simulator does not require the installation of any proprietary driver. The only requirement is the ability to run the simulation through a graphical user interface.
MMI Simulator Features:
* Use Microsoft’s Developer Tools in the Windows OS
* Save recordings to video files
* Playback of recorded files
* Supports simulated keystrokes, mouse movements and simulated clicks on the screen
* Simulated user interaction with on-screen controls
* Includes two sample applications
* Open-source (free software)
* The package includes the Simulator, examples, documentation, samples, README.TXT and a video presentation.

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