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Management Research Methodology Krishnaswamy Pdf Free Downloadl ((NEW)) ➡️

Management Research Methodology Krishnaswamy Pdf Free Downloadl ((NEW)) ➡️

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Management Research Methodology Krishnaswamy Pdf Free Downloadl

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Management Research Methods aims to foster in readers an understanding of the basic research processes and a capacity to identify more.This invention relates generally to systems for transmitting data over a communications network, and more specifically to a method and system for providing a first-in-first-out storage for a voice communication system.
Currently, most phones, pagers, facsimile machines and other communication devices maintain a buffer in which data can be temporarily stored. The use of a buffer allows the communication device to receive, store and transmit data to and from the communication network as needed. Typically, the buffer is a first-in-first-out buffer. The first data in the buffer is the data that is to be transmitted and the first data out is the data that is ready to be transmitted. Data can be stored in the buffer and transmitted from the buffer once the communication device has free time to spare.
The buffer typically is addressed and controlled by a microprocessor. Using an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or a programmable processor the microprocessor manages the size of the buffer and the address and control of the data in the buffer. The data in the buffer can be treated as a circular buffer which means the oldest data is the first data to be read.
With voice communication, a buffer is used to capture and store voice data while it is being transmitted through the communication device. With voice communication, voice data is transmitted one-way from the end user to the communication network and not back again. Thus, the buffer in a voice communication device could be the only buffer that utilizes a first-in-first-out addressing and control scheme, and is typically used to store one packet of voice data. With a typical voice communication system, the voice data captured in the buffer is transmitted one-way to the destination of the voice communication, i.e. the person receiving the voice communication. If another voice communication is initiated while a voice communication is in progress, the voice communication is stalled until the other voice communication is completed.
However, certain problems have arisen with the use of first-in-first-out buffers in voice communication devices. First, there is often not enough time to store all of the voice data needed in a voice communication in a single buffer. For example, if a voice communication has 30 seconds of voice data, then the buffer may only have room to store the first 5 seconds. If the user is waiting on the other party to complete the voice communication

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