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♪⭐a metroidvania shooter-platformer with rpg elements and hand drawings frame-by-frame animations!☆
Help your little robot Cala, escaping from her trapped enemy-state.
– First-person shooting shooter with RPG elements- Addictive gameplay- 6+ Hours of gameplay- Hand-drawn frame-by-frame animations- Hundreds of items- Buy your ability and abilities to customize your progress- Challenge: 15 bosses- More than 3 dungeon- Craft your weapons- Levels and loot- Over 20 enemies- Over 50 types of enemies- Over 30 items- Over 20 enemies- Over 50 types of enemies- Over 30 items- Over 20 enemies
Last Vanguard is made with love and passion, and we are building it in the community.
Please give us your help through donations:
Thank you very much for your support!!!
I’ll see you on Last Vanguard.
This is a work in progress, any feedback is welcome. In fact, we need your help to make the best RPG game we can!
– Using WASD for movement – “T” is for looking around- Mouse for the aiming and melee attack- Return is for using items- “X” is for firing- LMB to block- Space bar to jump- Default keys are “W,” “A,” “S,” “D” and “Arrow keys” for movement
On mobile, press the circle pad to transform into Cala’s Nunchuks
– Down-Stick is for holding a gun- Space bar is for using Nunchuks- Space bar is for moving/up-Arrow keys are for jumping
No more loading screens between levels!
– Press START to go to the main menu- Exit game to go back to main menu- Press Options to customize the game resolution- Press 1-3 to select the game difficulty- Press Control+L to Show your last weapon- Press Control+U to Hide your last weapon- Press Control+M to Create a new weapon- Press Control+K to Skip an item
My videos include hand drawn frames, which can be skipped through the menu.
Last Vanguard is an indie game made by a solo developer


Lost Borderline Features Key:

  • Play online with your friends
  • Include all human ranks
  • A classic game of defense, attack and defense

Playing rookery

You can turn off the music and sound.

There is no mechanism in the game. You can enjoy the game quiet.


Multi-player game, versus friends and bots. You can operate the other players and compete with them.

The game starts with tournament.

It is an interesting task with the skill level. Do the opponents go for every player quickly?

The game progresses according to the opponents’ skill. The victory depends on the player’s skill.

The chess-like play

Play through the matches and interact with the players, they draw a card.

Key Features of ” Rookery “

  • There are three stages of Rookery game:
  • The online tournament and Versus mode;
  • You can operate the opponents in the Match 3. You can play in Team Match.


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Fragmental is a story-driven action puzzle-platformer inspired by moments that make us laugh and dance, moments when we reach up to the sky and look up.

It is the story of a boy named Wren, who dreams of flying.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Fragmental is a fully rendered open world where you control everything and anything. Fly like a bird, leap from perches and skydive down from buildings. Help Wren, the forgotten kid, escape his world that keeps him trapped in its walls.

Pair up Wren with his best friend, the bumbling blue dog Buttercup, and lead them through a hilarious obstacle course of various dangers. The journey of solving their puzzle will lead you through a series of adventure filled worlds.

Key Features:

A Fragmental experience – a playful and fun story that takes the player through a series of fun and surprising moments

A robust and colorful world – a fully rendered open world with thousands of open-ended puzzles and challenges

A controlled gameplay experience – the player takes control over every aspect of the game from controlling Wren’s movement to his hookshot to throw him through the air or catching him on a perch

An objective-based puzzle experience -Wren must take his place on an assembly line to advance through the levels and reach his goal: fly away from danger

A customizable and fully controllable Wren – a fully customizable and controllable Wren that will bring a new challenge to your puzzling skills

A character-driven story – Fragmental, Wren’s flight, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing remains but Wren himself. A survivor, Wren dreams of flying away from his world but is trapped inside its walls

Direct controls – the player will enjoy a fun, responsive and non-scripted gameplay experience

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An arcade mode – a series of challenges where the player must find a high score

Wren’s diary – a unique feature where the player will be able to find Wren’s journal entries along the way

Geographical setting – the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that’s a visual journey from ruins to green landscapes and beyond

Fragmental Review

Zac Cooper, December 12th, 2016



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Within Train Simulator, players can take a seat on the newly-rebuilt Union Pacific SD45 locomotive and learn more about its history and operational capabilities.
This loco has been re-themed in order to match the Union Pacific branding featured on the front of the locomotive.
Take a seat as the driver and apply the brake to control the train.
The engine is also equipped with different speeds, reverse and fast freight.
Loco Materials:
The exterior of the locomotive has been painted in the classic Union Pacific brown livery.
The locomotive has also been equipped with a yellow firebox overhang and have a special decal to reflect the Union Pacific naming.
Inside, the cab is equipped with a subtle Union Pacific livery.
Noise Sound:
The engine will produce the same sound as the real locomotive with the exception of Diesels.
Players will enjoy classic noise during the stop.
The locomotive has five passenger compartments and three cargo compartments.
Three different classes of passenger compartments are available.
The first is the 1st class, the second is the general first class and the third is the Club First.
Passengers can also pick one of the two compartments available, in the first class and the club.
Three cargo compartments are available in the locomotive, the first being the tender, second the head-end and third the center section.
The SD45 locomotive features a mechanical transmission with helical gearboxes for two axles.
The first axle features a 2HP engine and the second features a 2HP engine.
Three types of brakes are available: Hand brakes, Train Management brakes and Training Slope brakes.
Hand brakes can be applied to each axle to slow down the locomotive.
Train Management brakes can be used to stop the train.
Train Management brakes and Training Slope brakes can be used to slow down the train.
Different Tankers:
The SD45 is equipped with four different tankers. The first tanker is the lowboy available on the third axle, the second is the headcar available on the first axle and the third and fourth are on the center section.
Train Management:
The engine is controlled using Train Management, which allows players to slow down or stop the train.
Players can also view the train stop sequences via the in-game train counters.
Train Management can be made more robust


What’s new in Lost Borderline: