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Lava Iris 65 Flash File MT6739 Frp Dead Hang Logo Fix Firmware PATCHED

Lava Iris 65 Flash File MT6739 Frp Dead Hang Logo Fix Firmware PATCHED


Lava Iris 65 Flash File MT6739 Frp Dead Hang Logo Fix Firmware


From rom-boot

ROM Download

Go to your ROM download page, download and install the.zip file of your rom. ( Using a flash drive or a computer you’ve created a.zip from the file to save to, I usually go to my computer and “right-click”
and then “extract”, then browse to the downloaded file and double-click on the
file to extract it )
Once you’ve extracted the.zip file, open the folder using a file browser and browse to the folder with the “IMG” or “FAT” files inside of it. For instance, for rom-boot, the file name is

Download & Install the Firmware

In Flashify

Open the Rom-Boot folder (usually found in /sdcard/rom-boot/).
Open the folder named OEM or User.
Open the folder “OTA_OK” which is inside of User.

Download & Install the Firmware
In the the same folder as the zip you’ve downloaded, you should find a folder named as the model name you have (OEM for international and User for global).
If you click the file name:
. mt6580 lg

You should download a.json file with the user and local name of your phone.
Download & Install the Firmware
Open the user folder for the model and download the.zip file called (Usually) MTK_FRP_FULL_USERS_CUSTOM_049 which you downloaded from the rom-boot folder.
Open the folder MTK_FRP_FULL_USERS_CUSTOM_049.
Open the folder IMG
Open the folder OTA_OK
Open the folder MT6580
Open the folder frp
Open the folder frp_alarm
Open the folder data
Open the folder local
Open the folder OTA_OK (Not the one in the MTK_FRP_FULL_USERS_CUSTOM_049 folder. The one in frp)
Open the file OTA_OK_OK.txt
Download & Install the Firmware

Verify the flash file

In Flashify

Open the folder /sdcard/rom-boot/
Open the


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