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SQL join for sorted results

I have a table of zipcodes (zipcode), and a table of cities (city)
I want to select all the zipcodes with cities that do not share any zipcodes with other zipcodes and then sort by city_name and then id.
Would this be accomplished with this SQL statement:
FROM zipcodes AS z
LEFT JOIN cities AS c ON z.zipcode = c.zipcode
WHERE z.zipcode NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT z2.zipcode
FROM cities AS c2
WHERE c2.zipcode IN (SELECT DISTINCT z3.zipcode
FROM zipcodes AS z3))
ORDER BY city_name, id

At the end I want a table of sorted zipcodes with the cities that contain those zipcodes in a separate column.


First, let’s get all the relationships between ZIP, CITY, and ZIPCODE.
SELECT ZIP.zipcode,
JOIN CITY ON ZIP.city_id = CITY.id
AND ZIP.zipcode = CITY.zipcode

[ Source ]
Which means that ZIP.city_id is the parent relationship (with a city)
to ZIPCODE.zipcode. And, con

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