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To find out exactly how HyperMotion Technology works, we talked to, you guessed it, Dr. Randy Pitchford. Pitchford is Lead Producer on the upcoming football title, and he explains how HyperMotion Technology will improve player performance, make gameplay more accessible for younger players and much more.
Console players can look forward to a major gameplay overhaul in FIFA 22. For the first time in the history of the series, the game will feature the brand new “Skill Stick”.
The skill stick allows players to perform all actions in the football game using shortcuts from the in-game menus rather than swiping on the touchscreen. This replaces the old “popping” system, and it’s been completely removed entirely from FIFA Ultimate Team.
Additionally, console players should be happy to hear that you will be able to use “slide tackle,” and other similar “physics” based tackling moves. These are very popular in other football games, and you will be able to use them in FIFA 22 without having to change your default tackling style.
Both console and PC players are familiar with the “one touch” method of controlling a player’s run. The new motion control system allows you to easily add or remove controls in a more intuitive manner. This makes the system much more accessible to new players, and allows more professional players to use more advanced skills with ease.
Dr. Pitchford also took a moment to explain that the new “visual autosave feature” allows you to save your progress without interrupting gameplay. This was a key feature requested by people who play online.
Finally, Pitchford discussed the new camera control system, which allows you to move the camera in a very intuitive manner.
The new accessibility features aren’t just exclusive to players with disabilities.
“I’m really proud of how we’re addressing accessibility in FIFA 22. It’s something that I think is very much underserved in football games.”
To address the issue, many teams will be able to play with virtual assistants in FIFA 22. Team mates that are able to assist in game will be featured in the career mode. For example, one assistant can collect the ball for a player, or provide them with a sprint button for half a second.
This allows players to lead their team in all areas of the game


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The World’s Game – Every aspect of the game is shaped and inspired by the sport – it provides unique ways to play and causes you to think beyond the game. You get to the heart of who you are playing and what matters, everywhere you look there’s your team and they’re at the heart of it all.
  • The intelligence of the game understands what you want to do and brings the ball to you – it takes into account all the key areas of the match you care about and makes it play your way.
  • The game’s AI can sense and adapt – if you try and run away from an opponent, the AI can sense this and pull you to him.
  • The game knows when it’s you and it knows what matters – play your role in the match based on situational awareness, using all of your abilities to affect game events and join the real action as the game pushes you to do your best.


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The FIFA family of football video games are the leading sports simulation game franchise. Since the first game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, FIFA has become a cornerstone of Sony, Microsoft and EA Sports’ portfolio of sports games.
Combining authentic gameplay, multiple game modes and real-life player names and numbers, FIFA lets fans live out their passion for the beautiful game and is the largest sport in the world. Since the launch of the first FIFA game on Nintendo, more than 90 million copies have been sold – including more than 40 million on Sony platforms.
FIFA will release a new FIFA game each year, with the latest instalment – FIFA 19 – arriving this year, May 28, 2018.
About FIFA 22
FIFA 22 features natural and responsive gameplay, the deepest set of features in the franchise’s history, the ultimate control scheme, and a brand-new engine that delivers a more immersive gameplay experience on any platform. New innovations include MyPLAYER this season, a massive overhaul to the UEFA Champions League, and an entirely new team-based Story Mode.
FIFA 22 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC is available to pre-order now from the PS Store, Xbox Games Store and Origin. Fans will also be able to start playing FIFA 18, which comes out Aug. 19, 2018.
With FIFA 17, FIFA 16 and FIFA 15, the long-running series now takes full advantage of the power of the next-generation consoles and PC. The new engine delivers a completely new and improved gameplay experience by unleashing the full power of the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, allowing for new levels of speed and realism in even more ways than ever.
FIFA allows fans to step inside the action through dynamic challenges and create a personal story line across the seasons of a story mode. Players can also experience the long-awaited 2-4-2 system, which allows them to call on their favorite players from all around the world. New team-based modes also introduce Crew Mode, allowing friends and others to live out their dream of captaining a team in the story mode and compete in online cup and league modes.
Before it leaves the stadium, FIFA is the only sports game to award real-world medals for players’ performances on the pitch. In FIFA 17, a first for the franchise, players can work their way up the global leaderboard and earn FIFA Ultimate Team cards


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Discover an arsenal of new players and collect cards from real-world superstars and your favorite players from around the world. Take FIFA Ultimate Team to new heights in the all-new Stadium experience, with your favorite stadiums, kits, and player names. FIFA Ultimate Team is the definitive soccer experience where anyone can be a soccer superstar.
*Redesigned, enhanced and improved User Interface.
*New, upgraded gameplay and dynamic presentation features.
*Awards-winning soundtrack that has been heard in over 100 million homes in 70 countries.
*Improved gameplay systems including new touches, controls and ball physics.
New Stadium Experience
Expand your gameplay experience with your own customized stadium. With the new Stadium experience, you can now choose your stadium, your lighting and your fan atmosphere, in addition to your team’s kits, animations, player names, and badges. Customize your stadium and watch the world come to life as your home base.
Personalize the on-field experience
– Change team color and logo
– Choose between the old Adidas and Nike kits
– Change the location, number and paint scheme of your bench
– Select stadium views and announcements
– Change announcements and messages
– Choose whether to play in natural or artificial lighting
– Choose what time your match starts
– Reorder the team benches and scoreboards in your stadium
– Select your favorite players and add them to your squad
Play now, as fast as you want
– Control the pace of the game
– Play in any FIFA mode—PES, MUT or the all new Career Mode
– Customize your Pro Season
New graphics engine supports all game modes, including PES
– New and improved graphics engine including FIFA logo and player avatars
– New player uniforms
– Enhanced player details, such as hair color, head shape and body shape
– New boots
– New stadiums including Adidas Amoeba Stadium, Rio 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadium and Audi Dome
– New crowd animations including fans and animated press box
– Stereo and surround sound
– New lighting and stadium visuals
– New commentary
Smart AI for all game modes
– New intelligent AI player and manager
– Automatically play tactical situations
– Intelligent A.I. in goal behavior including run-up, dive and save decisions
– Improved AI passing and dribbling
– Improved formation play and ball logic
– New approach by A


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Personalise your FIFA Ultimate Team squad by creating your own Ultimate XI or taking the #dominants route and starting a new game as a new goalkeeper. Sort your fantasy team by playing as a real-life top player, skillfully selected by EA SPORTS and our Edge team.
  • New ball control controls and innovations put the ball into the action quicker than ever, using Players’ Move Sets to make FIFA Ultimate Team even more skilled in the art of dribbling and passing. *New ball control enhanced with Player Move Sets, a specific set of controls which helps players understand ball position in the optimal direction. Players can define these two movements and set them as preferences. For the first time in FIFA, you can use intuitive foot accelerometer controls and tricks like the Shuffle technique to free your feet from the off-ball more easily.
  • Create your Ultimate Team ideal strike partner with Alex Hunter, FIFA’s top “Gamer’s Choice” award winner. Build Your Ultimate Striker career with new and improved pick and decision-making during gameplay.
  • Welcome a new level of atmosphere into FIFA by enhancing the player celebrations and celebrating achievements. Discover a new range of player celebrations for players to enjoy, highlight roles such as “Burner,” “Scorer,” “Hero,” “Scoring Mechanic,” “Goalie,” and “Box-to-Box” Players. Players can now celebrate by performing various actions, such as completing various animations.
  • Get into the action as a “Watch Player”, choose whether to be the goalkeeper or attacker and try out new actions during gameplay via the Replay button.
  • Take on a new challenge and score goals as a defender with new “Target Specific” Player Move Sets. You can more easily instruct specific movement patterns for players with new Player Move Sets that can vary depending on the situation.
  • Discover new and improved physical qualities for all players within the game, with Pro Player Attributes allowing you to make more informed key decision on when to tell your players to sprint, run, or play defensively.
  • Discover immersive new Champions League quarter final game moments and unique competitions for your stars to succeed in, with PS4 exclusive Aviators.
  • Create and play the ultimate manager game in the Ultimate Manager Mode, manager an evolving football club in real time, and effect team performances


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    FIFA is one of the biggest names in video games and if you’re new to the franchise you might be a little confused about what the game actually is. FIFA is a series of football games where you lead a team through major tournaments like the World Cup in your quest to be crowned footballing God. FIFA is focused a lot more on the realism of the sport than other games in the genre and has always been renowned for its high-end graphics and gameplay. However, in this entry the series has moved to a new title powered by FIFA with all the improvements and innovations that come with it. FIFA 19 is available now on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 3, with FIFA 20 coming in March. FIFA 21 launches in October 2018.
    FIFA 19 is the latest instalment in the FIFA series and brings with it a host of refinements and gameplay changes.
    FIFA 19 is the latest instalment in the FIFA series and brings with it a host of refinements and gameplay changes.
    How is FIFA 19 different to the previous versions?
    FIFA 19 is, perhaps, the most technical and innovative entry in the series to date. The game has been overhauled in almost every aspect, from its gameplay mechanics to the implementation of new modes, all of which are designed to be highly competitive. The game has been given a futuristic-themed look with the introduction of the “Future World” mode, which has been a long time coming for fans of the FIFA series. The new “Powered by FIFA” mode has a new 3D engine to allow for changes to be made in a non-destructive manner. This engine has allowed for an increase in the number of real-world data points in the game, making it a more realistic simulation.
    System requirements:
    Intel Core i3 or better
    4GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 940M or better
    2GB RAM
    You can still play on a lower spec machine, however, it’s strongly recommended that you do your homework before making the purchase. To get the best out of FIFA, you’ll need a machine that’s both powerful and capable of keeping up with the game’s demands.
    How can I play FIFA on PC?
    FIFA 19 for Windows is played in the same way as the Xbox and PlayStation game, with new features and innovations helping to elevate the series even


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