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The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 today and is available starting at $59.99 on Xbox Live and at PlayStation®Store. For a limited time, you can also play a free demo of FIFA 22 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both of which are also available today.

Developed by an expanded and updated FIFA development team, FIFA 22 features over 900 new animations and over 300 new goals and celebrations, along with the addition of new speed enhancements and improved ball physics to make FIFA 22 feel even more authentic than ever.


The most immersive representation of the game available – OptiSense technology provides seamless on-screen tracking and creates a total game environment that is distinct from any other soccer game on the market

Over 900 new animations, more than 300 new goal celebrations and nearly 100 new goalkeepers who react to shots, saves and interceptions in the most realistic way possible

New pass fakes and feints such as the “fade out” and “slideback” to generate pressure on the defense or overload an opponent

Over 700 new team celebrations, including the “Gentleman’s Crack of the Whip,” a series of short but powerful runs that create ball control

New set pieces, including a series of powerful long ball throws and ground-based throws with new animations

New depth of gameplay in all facets of the game, delivering some of the most accurate and enhanced gameplay in the franchise’s history

New weather effects and historically-accurate ball physics deliver unprecedented realism

New ball deflation system to add gameplay depth by adding elements of skill and strategy into the fight for possession

A new pace engine that varies the speed and break of the game, delivering the speed of real football

Realistic, fully 3D crowd behaviour enables players to see all of the action around them while absorbing a new, fully-integrated live soundtrack, seamlessly and without missing any action

New Motion Capture: the data collected from real-life 22 full-on, high-intensity training matches has been collected, annotated and recreated in camera. It’s no longer enough to just collect player motions through pre-recorded sequences of animation – now, the world’s most authentic and accurate players are added to the game to be used in all the new Motion Capture animations, giving players the closest-to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA Online: Career Upgrade to the newest version of the ultra-popular FIFA online game.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: Build your Ultimate Team with over 300 stars, new, improved player skills, and new team kits. Starting in FIFA Ultimate Team mode you can earn packs of cards and progress them. You can then level them up to unlock a player, train them to level up, or trade them to other players.
  • Show Off Moments: Your Show Off Moments will be recorded on your best screenshots, allowing you to build them into highlight videos as an addition to your Vimeo account.
  • New Ways to Play Pro’s Life: In Career Mode, Pro’s, fans, and managers now have even more ways to build their Pro’s on-pitch experience.
  • Improved Passing: Passes are now executed at a more natural point of aim, meaning high-quality ball touches are easier and more realistic.
  • Crosses: Adopt a Sliding Tackle and displace the ball with ease with a simple slide tackle with your foot. Now you can slide tackle and win. Cross the ball with great accuracy to your mates without breaking stride.
  • Improved Player Trajectory: Defenders, midfielders, and forwards are more physically correct in their positioning and movement.
  • New Goalkeeping Animations: Goalkeepers get knocked off their line easily and react to shots much more naturally. We’ve also added a new animation when goalkeepers lunge at a close shot and brought in the ability to block crosses to the back post. Keepers show themselves a little more and run a lot less if under pressure. The line pull off their gloves and run up as opposed to hanging there.
  • New Natural Player Interactions: Looking to be the best player in the world, or are just in love with their new Real Player 11 engine? We have new animations that record your player turning to make a run at the ball – it’s so close to what you’d actually do!
  • New Linear Movement Mechanics: Ball control plays a larger role in the physics in FIFA 22. This gives players control over the ball with new tricks, putting more responsibility in the player’s hands and rewarding skillful playmaking.
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    FIFA is the leader in sports videogames and includes some of the most popular sports in the world, including FIFA Women’s, FIFA, FIFA 20, FIFA 20 Mobile, FIFA 19, FIFA 19 Mobile, FIFA 18, FIFA 18 Mobile, and FIFA 17.

    Is your team your favorite?

    Join up to 100 million players worldwide and rise through the game’s gameplay modes to dominate your divisions. Select from over 250 real-world teams or create your own in The Ultimate Team.

    FIFA Ultimate Team™

    FIFA Ultimate Team is a feature within the FIFA video game franchise allowing players to collect real-world players and team kits and use them in FIFA matches. Players can create a “My Team” with over 250 players and get to use them in online and offline matches. The player can also use coins to unlock “My Players” that can be used in other modes, outside of the Ultimate Team.

    What are FIFA Ultimate Teams™?

    FIFA Ultimate Teams are enhanced teams within the game created from real-world players & kits. Players can play against other FIFA Ultimate Teams, challenge friends to a pick-up match and use their Ultimate Team in online and offline games and even transfer some of their players and kits into their new Ultimate Team.

    What are My Players?

    My Players are available for purchase with FIFA Ultimate Team coins for players in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode and feature in the My Players screen.

    What are My Coins?

    My Coins are available for purchase within FIFA Ultimate Team with FIFA Ultimate Team coins and feature in the My Coins section.

    What is The Draft?

    The Draft is a real-time, turn-based version of a fantasy match-up with the online players controlling the captains of the team’s roster. Players can draft real-world players into their team and then they have to play against other real-world players using their team. The Draft provides more flexibility than just choosing the best players without having to put any effort into creating a team.

    What is The Blind bid?

    The Blind bid is a Player Search tool in FIFA Ultimate Team that allows users to play the Draft function. It does not require any user input or sign-up.

    What is the Igloo?

    The Igloo is an update to the console head-to-head system introduced in FIFA 14. The system allows for 2 to


    Fifa 22 [Updated]

    The building block of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) will be the most customizable team of the new era. Customize your team with an entire FUT pack, or assemble the best XI possible with the cards you earn through gameplay, via Challenges, and via the broad range of exciting FIFA Ultimate Tournaments (FUT Tournaments). Plus, one of the most immersive modes in the history of the series – The Journey – brings you the thrill of your favorite clubs.

    FIFA Mobile –
    Combining the incredible range of football, the addictive gameplay and the most engaging visuals with brand-new improvements, FIFA Mobile is more immersive than ever. Prove your worth as a player, head coach or scout in FIFA Mobile to unlock rewards and earn your position in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    Key Features

    Ever-Changing Daily Challenges – Complete varied FIFA series challenges on a daily basis to unlock rewards such as packs and players for your chosen mode and team, as well as players for your FIFA Ultimate Team. Challenge yourself to complete as many as possible, rise up the leaderboards and unlock the most unique team cards.

    The Journey – Take on the teams that inspire you in one of the most authentic and exciting on-field experiences in FIFA. Match versus iconic teams from all the eras, featuring the legends that made football great. With the most diverse team selections, battle across the globe in 15 countries.

    New Game Modes – In FIFA 22, players can enjoy more competitive and thrilling gameplay in career mode, thanks to brand-new features and game modes, while the FUT mode offers a more immersive and connected way to play. FUT challenges take you to the club level, with FUT Tournaments and other special competitions that make it easier than ever to earn FUT items.

    The Journey – Rediscover the game’s most beloved global destinations with the return of The Journey mode. Challenge iconic clubs from each era of football in a variety of FIFA Challenges, with each game becoming the ultimate test of a player’s skills, speed, and reflexes to prove his worth.

    Ambience & Feel – With a new physics engine and visual fidelity, the game will deliver a new level of immersion. The new camera system will also allow players to become fully immersed in the game’s environments, while ambience elements will further enhance the player’s feeling of playing in the iconic stadiums of the world./*!
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