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Download ✺✺✺ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






With the introduction of HyperMotion Technology, the game can capture more detailed player movements from around the world.

But this comes at a price. Players will need to be active, playing for 80 minutes.

HOW IT WORKS: Data from the high-intensity match is processed and simulated at the FIFA Institute, and used to create a refined and technically advanced control model. Data will be available for simulation once a season, and may take up to three months to be delivered.

During gameplay, the player will be able to fine-tune the positions of their controls according to their specific movements and style of play. So if they play with one hand over the other, the controls may react differently in customised player modes.

INTERFACE: Two different visual modes are available: “FIFA-Vantage”, which offers a visual overlay when the AI Dictates The Shot (AIDT) function, and “Real Player Simulation”, which uses the real player data to deliver all the movement of the player with more detail.

PLAYER MODES: The game features a range of authentic player modes, such as Winger, Defender, Strikers, Goalkeeper and Manager modes. A host of additional modes will also be introduced, including a Head-To-Head, Autocross, Realism mode and Invitational mode.

PRE-MATCH: Two tournament teams are available, including France and Brazil.

TEAM DYNAMICS: AI-driven Team Tactics mode offers five pre-season challenges, which can be played alone or in a tournament. The game’s World Cup Dynamic Prediction mode offers up to 25 different World Cups, which includes an Emerging Nations mode.

IN-GAME: Overall, the game is very playable: typical 60fps runs with no issues.

However, the movement of players from the centre to the edge of the pitch is slow and lethargic, which hinders dribble skills.

PLAYER PREFERENCES AND CONTROLLERS: Players can select their own favourite players from a full array of national and club teams. Controls are also customisable according to the player’s preferred style of play. The game’s “Precision” control system delivers high-precision control, with more responsive movement and more accurate sliders. Players may also be able to choose from a range of custom button layouts, including the popular inverted-W, inverted-S and inverted-H


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Choose your Path – Play on, or Join the Game Elite. Create a squad of players featuring authentic names and kits, raise your skill and forge your legacy as a football manager. Discover new ways to play and compete in FIFA, with more ways to progress than ever before.
  • Better Moves – The most complete football experience in history adapts to your style of play. Make quicker, stronger and smarter decisions, and save on-pitch time with a simpler controls scheme. Move with your club in all game modes, plus create and share your own customized gameplay experience. Use and improve more than 20 official kits, thousands of customisable player faces and player traits to bring your playing style to life.
  • New sets of Authenticity Ratings – Every single player and every team has been earned in FIFA 22. Players and squads are ranked according to their level of authenticity and performance, so you get the FIFA experience like never before. All new player images, player faces and player traits are tailor-made to help players from all over the world break into the game and show who they are.
  • Ufc 22 ready – New uniforms, crests and naming rights for more than 150 teams. Everything about league and cup competitions for FIFA UHC, UCL, UEFA EURO 2016 and the League of Champions has been brought to life. And you can experience the fresh, new game experience of
    • New virtual ball, new animations, new broadcast improvements and new player positions to move and play faster, with over 3,500 new player animations.
  • Play in the most authentic leagues in the world.
  • Polaris strikes from all over the world: New stadiums, kit, ground rules and more.
  • Unique modes and improved spectatorship, including multilayer and re-made fans. New artists bring the world’s best to life.
  • Press the button
  • A complete core team driving the development of Fifa over the last twelve years. The team has won over 100 E3 and nominations for Editor 's Choice, Best Sports Game and Best Overall Game of E3.
  • An exclusive franchise licence for every FIFA title, licensing almost three million games within 12 months of launch.


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Football is a game of passion and movement. FIFA is a game of emotion and excitement. Whether you’re the new kid in the park or have dedicated your life to the beautiful game, FIFA is your chance to make a name for yourself. Whether it’s the best players in the world or the fastest passes, FIFA has the skills and strategies to show the world who’s the best.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

In Ultimate Team, you’ll find a rich and deep collection of professional footballers like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Build and manage your FUT team to progress to better and better players by completing challenges. Collect player cards to put your best team on the pitch. And trade and sell your players to improve your squad.

Your FUT team is your alter ego, connecting the real world of football with the online world of FIFA. You have the chance to build, customize and dominate FUT matches. Win all the cups, run the show, and reach the top of the world.

What is FIFA Mobile?

Play the mobile version of FIFA like you’re on the go! FIFA Mobile brings the pure, authentic football feeling of FIFA to smartphone and tablet devices. Pick your team, find the ball, and take to the pitch with the brand new, authentic FIFA controls.

FIFA Mobile matches are short and fast-paced, with exhilarating gameplay that makes you want to play, play, and play some more.

Players Create

For the first time ever in a FIFA game, collect, trade and evolve over 400 brand new and classic players from all six FUT editions. Create your own Player Card and discover the career paths that will unlock rewards from stadiums, kits and player variations, not to mention special Player Card appearances by your friends’ players. Players Create

The FIFA 22 Player Editor has a brand new, improved way to collect, trade and evolve your own collection of players, creating a personalised, FIFA Ultimate Team experience unlike any other.


Unlock players from your collection or live through an experience with AI-controlled player characters. Play through the lifecycle of your favourite players as they progress through the ages, learning new tricks and abilities. Discover your favourite


Fifa 22 Free Registration Code For Windows

The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode is back! Enjoy cross-platform play with up to three Friends on consoles and PC. In the new FUT Champion features, reward the player who has been the most successful with a personalised title to help themselves as they chase that next big trophy in FIFA. You can now select your next opponent from a pre-match presentation, as well as customise the number of substitutions you make for your next game.

How to Play
Try and use every technique and skill that you can to dominate the pitch and get your team to score the most goals possible. Your tactic should be focused on the opposition. Think about the opposition’s usual tactics, then design your own game plan and strategies.

Key Features

NEW – Mobile-first MatchDay Experience – FIFA Mobile puts players at the heart of the world’s greatest competition.

NEW – Cross-platform Play for up to 3 Friends – Play your way with up to three friends on consoles and PC.

NEW – FUT Champions – FIFA Ultimate Team returns with new features, including new ranks, rewards and a Champion mode.

NEW – Ability to Customise Your Opponent – Pick your opponent on the new squad presentation, before the game starts.

NEW – Option to Use Subs Substitutions – Build your dream team with up to three subs.

NEW – Additional Achievements – Stay focused on the one thing that matters most to achieve those achievements.

NEW – Team News – Get a 360° camera view of the pitch to see what your opponent is focusing on.

NEW – 10 Unique Stadiums – Experience new stadiums for authentic gameplay.

NEW – Choice of Difficulty Levels – Skill up your team with new tactics to succeed in more challenging modes.

NEW – New Tactics – Try out new tactics to devise your own game plan and special tactics.

NEW – Improved Training – Train in Training Mode to make your team more efficient.

NEW – New FUT Team Specifics – Choose an FUT Team you want to be part of, and train up from the squad’s lowest level.

Official mobile app and desktop game

iOS and Android devices

Online Multiplayer

A number of in-game and online functionality of the game are also accessible via your mobile device. The next time you launch the game it should detect that you have a mobile device connected and prompt you to connect online if you have not already


What’s new in Fifa 22: