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Before developing HyperMotion Technology, DICE studied the biomechanics of an average football player in order to understand how the player moves through space and objects. The player movements were recorded on high-definition cameras and, from these images, DICE created new player physics. The goal of creating new physics engine was to give players realistic and controllable weight and inertia. To ensure the data needed for the game’s player physics is as accurate as possible, DICE focused on creating and testing the player’s motions from five different camera positions and six camera platforms. The result of these tests is the HyperMotion engine, a lightweight physics engine which allows the player to react to the ball like an average football player.
Finally, DICE has made over 50 changes to the game’s AI system to give the player movement and behavior even more realism.
Introducing FIFA 22’s HyperMotion Technology
“We’ve been studying real footballers to understand movement in FIFA for a number of years and through our research we’ve been able to use this data to take player movement, which may have been somewhat dull in previous versions, and make it more exciting,” says Danny Leunen, AI Lead at DICE. “The development team has done a great job of creating a new physics engine that makes player movement even more authentic and realistic.
“With the introduction of HyperMotion Technology to FIFA 22, we’ve created the most authentic and predictable feeling of movement in the history of the series.”
The first change in FIFA 22 is the new player motion engine. DICE has made over 50 changes to the game’s AI system to ensure the player movement is as authentic as possible. The AI-driven player runs and anticipates next ball’s trajectory based on player motions, just like a real footballer. FIFA 22 will keep track of ‘sprinting’ and other player behaviors and adjust their patterns accordingly. For instance, if the player sprints to the ball and another player is about to come into the position of the last one, the next player will be more prone to run into the last one’s position – to avoid a collision. The ultimate goal is to make the game as real as possible while keeping the game as fun as before.
DICE is continuing to explore ways to make the ball behave like it does in real life. In FIFA 21, the ball was treated


Features Key:

  • AS 90.
  • Improved animations.
  • “Matchday” management experience.
  • Live reactions to teammate and team-mate actions.
  • Unrivaled gameplay, increased learning curves, more detailed information about the playing styles of the new teams.
  • AI is improved, reacts to more situational plays.
  • New players and kits – enjoy the new and updated club’s kits and players.
  • The performance and gameplay of the opposition will be influenced by the real-life composition of the team.
  • Deeper progression and development system.
  • New player career that will allow you to build your ultimate team.
  • 24 unique player traits that increase the identity of your players.
  • Collectible items that will allow players to unlock even more players.
  • Intricate digging system ensures every pitch is covered.
  • New, top-drawer player visualization.
  • Brand new skill animations.
  • Innovative AI, thus ensuring that the authenticity of the game can be preserved.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s leading football simulation, offering true-to-life gameplay on the pitch, spectacular authentic sports and lifestyle experiences, and a deep and connected online experience that fans can share.
What is FIFA Ultimate Team?
FUT features over 700 real-world players, including the top 399 FIFPro World XI as voted on by fans. Over 70,000 player cards are available to be earned and collected through gameplay, online challenges and by completing contracts. Players can also collect player traits, which give them unique abilities and attributes. In FUT, any player can be quickly and easily created or edited at any time, allowing for truly unique club experiences.
What is MyClub?
MyClub is the deepest social platform in football, enhancing your FIFA Ultimate Team experience by integrating your social circles and communities into the game. Create your own unique squad, featuring your personalised players, customise your kits and more. Join with friends to play or compete in live games, get involved in the FUT community, and be part of something greater than FIFA.
What is Player Connection?
Player Connection is a new and improved community feature that allows you to follow your friends’ social actions, view and share your friends’ social story, join player chats and more. Enjoy your Ultimate Team experience with more of what you want and see the big picture of your community.
What is Season Ticket?
Season Ticket provides access to the biggest Ultimate Team online seasons of the year that will present you with new ways to earn and level up with your players and competitions. Season Ticket fans will be able to compete for access to exclusive Gold and Platinum packs and participate in online events.
What is EA SPORTS Football Club?
Football Club provides a new world of competitive and social gameplay, building on everything FUT has to offer with new ways to compete, interact and show off. Join one of 32 clubs and create your own team by managing players, training and recruiting, making strategic decisions and trade offers to improve your squad. If you’re a soccer fan, this is the experience you’ve always wanted.
How do I get FIFA Ultimate Team Coins?
FUT Coins can be earned throughout gameplay, as well as through social network integration. Log into your existing FIFA Ultimate Team account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and your Social Points will increase as you participate in real-time challenges. Social Points are converted into FUT Coins which can then be used to purchase packs


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If you were looking for more ways to get more out of Ultimate Team, FIFA 22 comes with several new ways to unlock, earn, and use cards in your packs. Experience more frequent, random, and unique pack draws; combine your players to build the best team; earn coins with gameplay and use them to buy in-game cards; and more.
New Ways to Succeed as a Coach – FIFA 22 introduces the new “Take Charge” coaching system that gives you the tools and technology to make your team play the way you want. From tactical changes to substitutions, formational changes to match adjustments, and player instructions to micromanaging tactics, there’s nothing you can’t do with the improved coaching technology.
New Ways to Play as a Player – One of the most popular innovations in FIFA 21 returns as players will now have more ways to succeed, get a penalty, and defend. New AI algorithms will lead more players to take shots and create the most impressive goals, while pass completion will be impacted by the type of pass as players will be more likely to make passes to players in tight spaces.
New Ways to Play as a Player – New AI and Player Models deliver more authentic and challenging player controls. Players will now move quickly and intelligently to make the best passes, pick up the ball, and take shots, while AI will make smarter runs and decisions to put the ball in the back of the net.
Live Impact Cutscenes – Narrative cutscenes with high-quality and dynamic motion capture technology will retell the greatest moments in professional football history. You’ll get to see the best moments and the worst in the sports world, and the live impact cutscenes will be further enhanced by your player’s ability to use zig-zagging run moves, explosive dribbling runs, and the perfect strike.
Substitutions – Make substitutions smarter and easier to implement with the improved substitutions panel. Multiple new roles will be available on the field and you’ll find yourself getting more opportunities to innovate and play to your strengths.
New Cards – The Ultimate Team card system has received a variety of improvements, including the addition of a new rarity tier that reflects your gameplay experience and brings a variety of rewards.
New Tactics – Skillshots and Formation Cards return, with the potential to expand the dimensions of game play and help create new tactics.


What’s new: