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In the wake of the devastation caused by World War II, Scotland’s Alexander Todd returns home to claim his title as king. Married to Elizabeth of England, he has a daughter, Princess Elizabeth.

It doesn’t take long for Elizabeth to learn that she has a rival for the throne in Mary, Queen Of Scots. Finding herself in alliance with a foreign power, Mary must avoid the execution penalty or risk death of her own father.

Crowned Queen of Scotland at age nine, Mary was educated by Jesuits. Her father tried to marry her to a Catholic, Lord Darnley, but is furious when she chooses an English Protestant, Lord Robert Dudley, instead. Mary recognizes that her father is a threat to her rule and threatens to abdicate the throne if he tries to make his own plans.

In 1566, Mary’s religion changes from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism, and her father invokes the ancient Act of Proscription to threaten her life and her country. Determined to break from her father, Elizabeth I of England starts to send English troops to aid her favorite daughter in Scotland.

Mary is then led to believe that the English want to invade Scotland. Intending to defend the throne of her own father, Mary agrees to meet with Elizabeth in France. On the advice of her brother, she accepts an offer of assistance from England, and Mary is soon in London, where she tries to make a new life for herself.

It is now 12,000 miles to the south, and Elizabeth I orders Dudley, Robert, Dudley’s friend Leicester, and her other court favorites, to capture Mary. They have the monarchy and the throne of Scotland at their mercy. Prince Edward, Earl of Hertford, comes to Mary’s aid with a small army, and the fighting is fierce.

The soldiers are outnumbered. The odds are in favor of Elizabeth and the English Parliament.

Amid the chaos, Mary finds she has made powerful friends. Even though her religion has been changed, her mother feels a yearning for the mother she never had. Mary decides to return to Scotland and fights for the throne. Together, the strong-willed and stubborn Mary and her cousin Queen Elizabeth face a well-orchestrated plot to burn down her castles and imprison her to force her to abdicate. As Mary stands her ground, her rebellion becomes the focus of a violent propaganda war being waged by England and the Scottish Protestants.

In addition, as Mary scrambles to hold back the English troops, she is beset by plots and ambitions.

This is a cool film because it has the best cast in movies. Jodie Turner-Smith is a Llewelyn Moss/Charles Bronson type character that is bad ass. And daniel Kaluuya is a smooth criminal on the run. Most movies this isn’t the case, but this one was great.The first half of the movie takes place in John Calabrese’s baseball office in Elyria, Ohio, where five men and one woman share a common bond of protecting their community. Calabrese is the face of the operation and faces challenges with his friends as he tries to balance his personal relationships with his professional ones.I think the movie starts of very strong, and then kind of fades away. I saw the movie at a midnight showing and it was well attended, the movie starts off a bit slow, but once the movie gets rolling it is pretty great. Many of you know the story of all these men and women in Ohio, but this was a nice take on it.
A fun character study based on true events. Most viewers will likely be too young to really get the true historical context of this film.The most important character in this film is not the main guy, it’s a guy that was in the secondary story, but had a very big role. He’s the one that you as the audience are rooting for. As the title suggests. this film portrays the story of a woman who in life has sex with the most notorious man in the world, The original vampire Lestat. The script is clever and often funny especially when it portrays the difference between the two Lestats. They both have their own set of problems with society. Lestat, because he is used to people not taking him seriously, being chased all the time, and constantly pursued. He frequently breaks free and keeps moving so he’s never ever safe. He finds that he cannot stay in one place for more than a day, or he risks being caught. Rose, as the script portrays it, only slept with Lestat because of his notoriety, and is horrified by what she sees. But the real action in this story is between he two Lestats, until Lestat decides it’s time to settle down.The DVD of the film boasts two things: 12 digital copy, and an abundance of supplemental material. The copy is adequate. With the commentary track featuring the director and the lead actor Jodie Turner-Smith on hand.The supplemental material is a bit more interesting. There are two audio commentary tracks, and five Behind the Scenes videos. The producer of the film “Behind the Scenes” gets himself into some interesting dialogues with the actors. The director, “Actor on the Set” gives you an idea of what to expect on a film set. He is actually pretty funny. The other five shorts “A Day in the Life of the Cast” (DVD) do not actually show you a day in the life, but instead gives you a look at several aspects of the cast and production process.A bonus feature is a 20 minute segment on “The Making of Queen of the Damned”, which features footage from the movie set. The material, while interesting, is mostly fairly safe stuff, but it does give you a look at some of the things the actors had to deal with on the set. My only complaint would be that this bonus feature is rather “over the top” in the respect that I feel they could have made this a two part feature.