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On the ghastly, dark night of the soul

And in the days that follow

Far from the insouciant sun

I hear a weird, wailing

I hear a weird, wailing

The sun doesn’t care or notice

It’s still the same old day

The sun doesn’t care or notice

It’s still the same old sun

— Ben Folds, “Old Sun”

The song goes on for more than eight minutes, as a tribute to the Northern Hemisphere.

For residents of that quarter, the song and music video had a double meaning.

“When I lived in Ottawa I remember the nights were too short to capture the full beauty of the sun on the horizon, so I wrote a song, ‘The Sun Doesn’t Care,'” Folds said in a message posted on YouTube. “As the days passed I was really missing it so I made a video. I hope you enjoy it.”

The video features a quote that reads: “We are children of the sun. Its light is no longer an enemy. Its warmth nourishes all things. Its way of knowing we have nothing to fear has become clearer every day.”

Folds’ status on the Internet is legendary.

He has more than 130 million followers on his Facebook page, and he has sold more than 22 million albums and 25 million singles worldwide.

His songs have been used in commercials and films.

And he is a proven draw.

His sold-out concerts in Ottawa last summer — the final concert at the city’s Scotiabank Centre — were one of the biggest concert draws the city has seen in decades.

The 59-year-old Folds is a talented musician, actor, comedian, voice-over artist, producer and arranger.

His most recent video, “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here,” shows a young girl who leaves a troubled life behind and finds love.

The video also features a young girl with

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