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BVI Kite Jam

Las Vegas Desert to the BVI Kite Jam Islands

All packed and ready to go

Arrival, Day 1, 25th

Arriving on Beef Island with a welcome breeze was wonderful. After getting off the plane, there was someone waiting to take us to our boat, “Slim Chance.”

The taxi-bus ride was crazy! Up and down hills at an intense rate. I already thought we were going fast enough, but several cars didn’t agree as they revved their engines and passed us on the right. In the BVI, everyone drives on the left side of the road . . .

Arriving at The Moorings, I paid for the taxi, which was $11, and then headed to the front desk. I said I was part of the crew of the Slim Chance and they told me where it was docked.

My friends were already there and welcomed me aboard with a nice, iced rum concoction. I moved into my cabin and stowed my kite gear. That night we all headed to the grocery store to buy supplies and provisioning. I loaded up on my favorites which included some Finlandia Vodka, for $10 a liter.

That night we relaxed and pondering the amazing adventure we would have over the next two weeks.

The next morning, Monkey Man (Jeff Andrade) and I were itching for some kiteboarding, but the flotilla wouldn’t hit any good kiteboarding spots until the next morning. Since we had our own boat and could do what we wanted, we took it out and scouted along the coast, from Road Town, up to Beef Island. On the south side we found a beach big enough for the two of us to set up. The wind was offshore, so we decided to do a 5 mile downwinder back to Road Town, and have the captain pick us up when we got tired 🙂

The wind was extremely gusty near shore, but once we got away from shore a couple hundred feet, it was smooth. It was a bit choppy, so we headed toward Fat Hog Bay. Since the airport is on Beef Island, we watched our kites and headed southeast, to leave the planes plenty of room.

As we came into Fat Hog bay, the water smoothed out, and the wind remained pretty solid. It was nice riding with the marina close and being able to see all the sailboats docked while we skimmed around.

We decided to brave the Buck Island inlet, and hit the slicks on the leeward side. There was a good chance that the wind would cut out as we passed the leeward side of the island, but it wasn’t bad. It felt great to just be able to go where we wanted, with just a kite and a board.

After clearing the island, we continued along to Road Town, practicing some grabs, big air, and handle passes along the way.

When we got to Road Town, the wind shifted a bit and we were able to ride further into the bay than we expected. We wrapped it up near the cruise ship in Road Town and our captain came to pick us up in the dingy.

We picked up our swag for the event, made sure everything was ready for our sailing journey to Virgin Gorda in the morning, and then headed to the restaurant for the first party and dinner. There was a nice intro from the organizers to let us know what to expect for the next couple of days, while we munched down on the buffet. Monkey Man and I started chatting up some of the biggest names in the kiteboarding world, like Yuri Zoon, Andre Phillip, Laurel Eastman, Shannon Best, Davy Blair, and then we all mingled and drank the night away in paradise. . . A great first day in the BVIs!