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Today, the AutoCAD product line encompasses an array of product offerings for both home and office. It offers a wide array of design and drafting applications in the form of command-line tools, as well as powerful and easy-to-use graphical and web-based apps.

The functionality of AutoCAD has been extended through extensive updates, enhancements and add-ons. In addition to its well-known drafting tools and visualizations, there are now engineering and architectural functionality that can be applied to a wide array of designs and drawings.

Through the release of AutoCAD 2019, Autodesk is also providing a modular workflow for the design of the home and office. The modular workflow is applicable for the design of the 3D home, home office, and commercial projects. The modular workflow features a modular design system that is composed of several layers that are designed for different functions. The components of the design system are:


Data Management

Data Modeling



System Design

Housing Design


Technical Infrastructure

The modular workflow enables a separate module for each of the above categories. For example, the visualization module is used for home design, while the fabrication module is used for the manufacturing. In order to achieve this, each module has its own standards, which are commonly implemented by the modules of each layer.

A design project consists of several layers, each consisting of multiple modules. For example, the house design includes the following layers:

3D House Design



Construction Site, Site Plans


The processes for a design project are summarized in the diagram below. The diagram demonstrates the workflow, the order of execution of the processes, and the inputs and outputs of the processes.

The key goal of the design system is to translate the requirements of the design from the user into a technical specification. The technical specification consists of several functional interfaces (specification components) as well as hardware, software, and communication requirements. These interfaces are then used to compile the construction set, which is a set of components that can be purchased and assembled to create the physical project. The construction set can be further composed of sub-assemblies and components. For example, the construction set may include the following sub-assemblies and components:






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All of the languages and APIs listed above, are simply for control of the desktop program itself. There is also a large number of third-party companies providing AutoCAD add-ons. These include Autodesk add-ons and third-party add-on programs. All of these allow the extension of AutoCAD or have a 3rd party server that adds AutoCAD functionality to an AutoCAD environment.

This section lists the AutoCAD interfaces. For overviews, see the Autodesk CAD and PLM Introduction to CAD.

Subscription and Registration
This method allows the user to receive updates to their application and add-ons automatically.

Used to translate objects into other languages. These include tooltips, messages, operators, etc.

Third-Party CAD
This section lists CAD companies that have AutoCAD compatibility. These companies include companies that have AutoCAD-based software that are not written or developed by Autodesk.

Autodesk Exchange

In the Autodesk Exchange website, users can download and use Autodesk Exchange Apps. The user uploads their apps to Autodesk Exchange, then downloads and installs the app on their computer. Autodesk Exchange is a store for plug-ins for AutoCAD. Autodesk Exchange apps work in AutoCAD only. Autodesk Exchange also offers an API for AutoCAD developers. The API, called the Autodesk Exchange API, is part of the Exchange functionality and provides access to the Exchange Store and Exchange Adapters.

Autodesk Exchange Add-Ons
There are approximately 2 million Autodesk Exchange apps available.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
AppManager is an open source app, that is available as a repository on GitHub. The AppManager is an open source app for Autodesk Exchange. It offers a “store for app authors” and also acts as an app manager for Autodesk Exchange apps.

App for AutoCAD
AppForAutoCAD is a store for Autodesk Exchange Apps. AppForAutoCAD offers the ability to display Autodesk Exchange Apps directly from within Autodesk’s AutoCAD. AppForAutoCAD does not offer an API to developers, but it does have a listing of the available apps.

3rd party Autodesk Exchange apps
Autodesk Exchange apps

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Go to Options > Preferences, click on Plugins, and search for “3D Print Module”.

The plugin should be activated and the “3D Print” option will be found.

The plugin can be installed from the plugin list. If you prefer, you can download the plugin directly from Autodesk.

See also

Support for viewing and modifying 3D files is integrated in the standard Autodesk 3D Viewer and Viewer.
Autodesk Meshmixer


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Have you ever created a design, sent it to print or PDF, only to realize that the original symbols were not properly converted to your target format? Or perhaps you can’t read a schematic from a job where the symbols were simply taken from an earlier drawing.

You could spend hours converting all of those symbols manually, but that can be a tedious process. And even if you’re the best typist in the world, there’s a better way. Markup Assist enables you to rapidly import markup that is already in your drawing files to text that’s already been converted to your target format.

After the process is complete, you can easily apply and test the import, and add changes directly to your drawing. You can even synchronize your edits with your CAD system.

Markup Import enables you to easily import illustrations from printed paper or PDFs. With its help, you can import annotations directly from the screen, turn those annotations into text for editing, add changes to your drawings and then synchronize those changes in real time.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

Read and organize your own drawing files

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Access annotations directly from the screen

Save money by editing designs with new, innovative tools

Improve the efficiency of drawing review processes

What is a symbol?

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For example, a line symbol could represent a power line. And a hollow line symbol could represent the gas main of a house. But the common thing is that the symbols are graphical elements representing something.

That’s why symbols should be precisely created so they can be recognized quickly and accurately. Even if they are very similar to one another, or have similar shapes, they will still look different. In short, you should have the best possible symbol to represent the element.

With the help of the right symbols, you can more easily read and understand a drawing and you can recognize specific components and add them to your own CAD drawings.

CAD is a tool that enables you to create drawings and drawings of drawings. And with the right symbols, the reading and understanding of your design is a much easier and faster process.

But what if you want to update a drawing with something


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Please use Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 OS.
512MB of RAM (1GB or more recommended)
of RAM (1GB or more recommended) 4GB of hard disk space
of hard disk space DirectX® version 11
A graphic card compatible with DirectX® 11
1024 x 768 resolution or higher
DVD drive