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The AutoCAD VCS text system was first used in 1982. This system was subsequently adopted by Autodesk for AutoCAD in 1987. The VCS is an acronym for Vectorized Computer System.

During the development of AutoCAD, the first versions were developed under contract by Matra and EOS AG for the aviation industry.

In addition to the traditional point-and-click mouse-based features, AutoCAD (and AutoCAD LT) also offers a 3D graphics feature called dynamic front-end (DFE). DFE allows for the creation of 3D models in a format which resembles CAD models.

AutoCAD LT was introduced in 1996. AutoCAD LT is a reduced cost version of AutoCAD, which can be run on Windows systems. AutoCAD LT lacks many of the professional-grade features found in the full AutoCAD version, and so it is only suited to smaller design projects.

In 1998, a new version of AutoCAD called AutoCAD R14 was released, which added many new features and compatibility with Windows 98 and Windows NT. Since the release of AutoCAD R14, AutoCAD has been continually upgraded. The latest version is AutoCAD R2019, released in July 2019. This software version (which is also called AutoCAD LT 2019) is the last version of AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD R2019 supports Windows 10.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are compatible with AutoLISP, a dialect of Lisp, which is used to help code the functions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. A free version of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is available for developers and students. AutoCAD is also available on the Microsoft Windows mobile platform and as a web app.

In May 2009, Autodesk (or rather Autodesk Inc.) was bought out by private equity company Bain Capital. In November 2011, Autodesk was purchased by Activision Blizzard for US$2.32 billion. As part of this acquisition, the company discontinued all support for versions previous to AutoCAD 2010.

In June 2013, Autodesk announced that it had agreed to acquire Vectorworks, a company that produces software for 3D modeling.

For several years, there were no official plans to make AutoCAD compatible with the then-new Windows 7. In July 2009, Autodesk announced that the first major

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for use in MATLAB. The AutoCAD MEP framework is a commercial product used for data exchange between AutoCAD and the Siemens ASM software. This allows efficient, real-time data transfer, without the need to generate or interpret MEP code. AutoCAD MEP requires the ASM Import library for Windows operating systems. The AutoCAD MEP allows data transfer to and from Siemens ASM. AutoCAD MEP was an Autodesk program, which was converted into the Siemens ASM system in September, 2014.

User interface and interaction

AutoCAD supports a modal user interface, where the user interacts with the computer system through a dialog box. This process is somewhat similar to entering a password in the Windows operating system, so that the user can gain access to other programs or services.

There are several ways to view and manipulate the drawing in AutoCAD:

The drawing in the drawing area is always visible. Each layer is always visible as long as it is in the active view. However, the appearance of the layer’s drawing depends on the visibility settings, which are under the View menu.

The drawing can be copied onto a new drawing area. This is done using the Copy command (in the Edit menu), where the active drawing is copied. The new drawing can then be manipulated as desired, and copied again to a new drawing area. The new copy of the drawing can be pasted onto a new drawing area, to make a new drawing that has all the layers of the original drawing. The original drawing remains unchanged.

The original drawing can be opened in a separate drawing area, with the command Open. Then the original drawing can be manipulated, copied and pasted as desired.

A drawing can be manipulated in a third drawing area. This is done using the move, rotate, scale and copy commands. To manipulate the drawing in a third area, a layer must be selected in the active view, with the Select Layer command (in the Layer menu). This layer is then selected in the desired drawing area. Then, the appropriate command is selected from the Edit menu.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Insert direct from the Edit menu and the Insert panel.

Use the new insert options to control the behavior of insert objects.

Select objects from the cursor and use other features of the Insert panel.

New way of representing variable distance edits in the CAD context: the arrowhead.


Make workspaces available to all your drawings.

Show the layers of any drawing.

Delete selected layers.


Add thickness to your lines to better visualize their strength.

Open a new window (via right-click).

Draw scale objects.

Draw 2D drawing lines on the surface of 3D objects.

Add a user-defined arrowhead.

Draw unidirectional arrows.

Remove small line segments from your drawings.

View your new Drafting tab in the ribbon.

CADR commands have been renamed: to alter this command in the future, do not use the old CADR commands.

More AutoCAD commands in the Ribbon: Select an object and view its properties.

Customize the New Drawing dialog in your drawings.

Two important things have changed: the New Drawing dialog in your drawings has a new tab, and the Settings dialog has a new tab.

Windows 10

AutoCAD 2020 and earlier

Not a new feature, but still worth mentioning: You can now move the Start menu to the left in Windows 10.

This is quite a surprise to me, because I was expecting all Start menus would move in the same direction.

You can still access the Start menu by clicking the small arrow at the bottom left of the screen. (This goes up in Windows 10 1809 and later.)

If you have a Windows 10 version that isn’t listed in the table, here’s what version you’re running:

Version Number Windows 10 version 1809 or later Version 19 or later Free (not required)

This is by no means the most important update to AutoCAD in recent years, but if you do have a problem, it’s worth checking.


And lastly, AutoCAD now offers integrated screen printing (you can print a blank page). This is by no means a complete interface to the general printing functionality,


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

For Windows, 8.1+
For Mac OS X, 10.9+
For Linux, Ubuntu 18+ or other Ubuntu-based distro.
You need a PC with a gpu that supports compute shaders 2.0.
You need an Nvidia, AMD or ATI with compute shaders 2.0
You need a license for the game.
See the Steam FAQ for how to install the game.
Transcender (play.google.com)
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