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Getting Started
The setup of Photoshop is pretty simple: All you need is a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, unless you need to use another tool such as a tablet or tablet PC to control aspects of your work, which may be easier than using a mouse and keyboard. As long as you have this basic equipment, you’re ready to start.
* Most new computer users should start with the Photoshop Standard, the program offered as part of Photoshop. However, if you’re a new user, and don’t want to start with Photoshop, you can get started with Photoshop Elements for $99.

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Editor’s Choice
10 Photoshop Features You Didn’t Know Existed You probably already know why you would use Photoshop in the first place. But, did you know that Photoshop supports quite a lot of tools and features that you probably didn’t even know existed? These extra tools and features might be useful for different types of images, but they can also be a fun way to make new images or even for designing web pages and logos. It’s all just a matter of knowing which Photoshop features to use. The following are some cool features in Photoshop that you may not know exist. Image Editing & Decoration
Colored Backgrounds and Gradients
Hyperlocal Blending
Animating Brushes Using the Power of Movement & Animation
Image Overlays Using the Draw layer
Editing Transparent Pixels
Patching Using Photoshop’s Magic Eraser
Image Transitions
Designing Patterns & Florals
Designing Kaleidoscopes
Creating Text Animations
Creating and Inserting Sprite Images
Creating Cropped and Rotated Images
Creating Scissors, Mache, and More
Blending Images
Create a New Document
Create a New Layer
Image Optimization
Drop Shadow
Image Borders
Merging Layers
Shape Tools
Photoshop’s Effects Panel
Pixelate & Blur
Text Effects
Themed Palettes Create the Background For your next themed photoshoot, it’s often important to think about creating the overall background of the image. One way to make a unique background is to use the Effect > Exclude > Darken option. This simply blends the shadow over a color that’s already on the canvas, like the background color. An alternative to this is to use the Background Pixelate filter to blur all the background colors over an RGB image. This can create a unique look and makes it easier for you to pick up the colors that you want for the rest of the image. You can also use this technique to make solid colors more powerful by blurring all the backgrounds. You can use a simple Dodge and Burn filter to add this effect to a bright background. You can also do a similar effect using the Border Blur filter and by setting the blending mode to Screen. The same idea can be done with bl

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This is the sixth edition of the Haredi Union of Sefardic Jews, a union of religious Zionist groups in Israel that developed in 1994.
The union is headed by Rabbi Yosef Emanuel, Rebbe of the town of Alon Shevach. The haredi union has put forward several proposals to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister Avi Gabbay and Housing Minister Yoav Galant.
Open gallery view Members of the haredi Zionist union. Credit: Yoav Zitoun
Emanuel said in a statement at the start of the union: “Our main slogan is building a haredi state with a Jewish majority, with a Jewish claim over every square meter in Israel.
“We are prepared to join the state in any way, but we insist on being recognized as an official sector in the state that includes all its sectors, and there is no question of the state claiming it is the only sector or claiming that we live only on state lands. We want to be a part of the state, like other sectors, and we will not accept the state’s taking away from us even a thousandth of the land.”
The union says it takes part in all government processes; it suggested legislation be drafted to allow it to realize all its ideas, and states its willingness to join the state in the negotiations on the division of lands with the Palestinians.
The haredi union, which has the support of around 15,000 members, has also proposed settling the pre-1967 lands of Israel, such as the Negev, Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley.

What’s New In?

Layers of gold leaf and gold paint cover most of the ‘Altar of the Gods’ at the Temple of Vulcan at Parnassus near Delphi. (Photo by Petros Karapetrou/AFP/Getty Images)
By Tom Fowle
ATHENS, Greece (Reuters) – For anyone worried about how easily fake antiquities are finding their way onto the market, Greece’s ban on trade of previously stolen artifacts with the rest of Europe may offer a ray of hope.
Reuters reports on Monday, Sept. 6, that Greece has enacted a ban on the trade of looted antiquities through international channels, including its ports and airports. “This measure will help to ensure that antiquities stolen in the territory of Greece do not reach the international market,” Greek Culture Minister Cristina Foltyn-Christoph said.
In April, police launched a nationwide investigation into the smuggling of stolen antiquities, saying they had information that a Turkish foreign exchange student with connections in Ankara was selling antiquities on the black market.
[Watch: Greece Seizes Fake King Tut Looting Claims]
In early July, Greek officials said they had confiscated millions of dollars in art works and antiquities from a ship.
A customs official said three Turkish nationals were arrested near the southern port of Patras on July 4, after 9.2 tonnes of antiquities were found on board.
The contents of the ship included archeological artifacts and art works from Egypt, Germany, Italy, Lebanon and Greece.
Last week, Egyptian antiquities stolen during the pharaonic times have surfaced in the Italian market.
Reuters reported on Sept. 6 that officials of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture said that 3750 antiquities were smuggled out of Egypt by a group of Egyptian smugglers and illicit antiquities dealers.
The antiquities were seized in Egypt by law enforcement agencies and were presented to a Dutch auction house for dispersal.
This week, the Dutch auction house said it had sold in a single sale more than 740 items.
According to the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, these antiquities are from the Ptolemaic Period, that began around 300 B.C. and ended in 30 B.C. The maximum reserve was set at $180,000.
“The sale was accompanied by the presence of ambassadors of the countries that own these antiquities in order to ensure that they find their rightful owners,” the ministry said.

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