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Twitter, which lets people use the micro-blogging service to send quick messages to their followers, is expected to post record revenue for the first time in six years on Monday.

The service, which is owned by web giant Google, raked in more than $2bn (£1.28bn) in the five months to December, rising to $2.63bn.

This is Twitter’s first profit in years, after the company’s value rocketed during the dotcom bubble as people saw its growth potential.

Twitter now has 130 million active users, 80 million of whom are in the US.

Twitter’s new life

Despite Twitter’s positive start to 2012, revenue still grew faster than profits.

Net income for the first quarter ended 30 December reached $18m on sales of $122m, a 20% increase on the same quarter last year.

In comparison, Google’s reported revenue for the first quarter