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* Beginner to intermediate: Users with minimal design experience can start with Photoshop. For most, the tool is a tool of necessity. The most basic layer creation and image and layer manipulation is available in Photoshop Elements.
* Intermediates: Users with intermediate experience can use Photoshop for website design. Knowledge of basic color concepts and mix-and-matching allows users to manipulate their pages to achieve a customized look.
* Professionals: For professionals, Photoshop is a tool of necessity. It supports multiple graphic design and animation applications. Many understand the system inside-out and customize it to suit their needs.

* * *

## Importing and Exporting

Photoshop allows you to share and send files between multiple applications and graphic formats.

The process of importing a file into Photoshop is well documented elsewhere. Photoshop has three options when it comes to importing a file: using an existing file, creating a new file from an existing file, or creating a new file from scratch.

* When you import or create a new file from scratch, the file is typically saved as a new Photoshop file and the original file is retained as a backup, though the import process deletes all images from the new file as well as any other changes you make.
* When you import an existing file into Photoshop, the original file remains on your hard drive. The imported file is saved as a new Photoshop file, overwriting the original file; the new file is open for editing. When you’re done editing, you can save the file. This option is usually the best for editing purposes because you retain both the original and the new file. It is the most efficient way to use Photoshop since it doesn’t waste disk space.

Exporting your files to other formats is also easy. You can save a single file, multiple files, or a group of files to any format supported by Photoshop.

## Using the Panels

The primary editors in Photoshop are the two panels shown in Figure 2-8.

FIGURE 2-8: The primary editors in Photoshop are the image and text panels.

The image panel is a digital tablet on which you can create or manipulate your images. In addition, the text panel is a guide to help you work with text.

You can switch between the image and text panels by clicking the button on the panel’s top left, as shown in the margin. Although this button changes only the panels, clicking the Edit button

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Photoshop has been used in the same manner as Photoshop Elements for years. Photoshop has also been used as a replacement for Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements does most of the same types of edits as Photoshop, however they are not as “advanced” as the professional version. Photoshop Elements is lighter and is aimed at people who simply want to enhance their photos or other graphics using simple tools. Photoshop Elements and Photoshop have been used together to create new images or modify images.

Many Photoshop Elements users now turn to the full-fledged Photoshop when they want a photo editor with more power.

As a matter of fact, when you download Photoshop from Adobe, it is the program you download. You do not have to download Adobe Photoshop Elements. If you have an older version of Photoshop and you have not moved on to Photoshop CS2, you can still download and use the program.

You can download Photoshop Elements from the same site as you can download Photoshop CS2. In the upper right hand corner of the page, you will see the option to select your language and region. Select “Photoshop Elements 11” from the drop-down menu. After selecting your country of choice, click the “Download” button.

Download Photoshop Elements

Below is a screenshot of the download page for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

After downloading Photoshop Elements, launch the program to view your software. You will be required to register on the program. This is required to activate the software so you may begin using it to edit your images. After completing registration, you may proceed to choose the language and region you wish to download the software in.

NOTE: The download page for Photoshop Elements is the same whether you are using the professional version or the less-expensive Elements version. However, the details are slightly different as they pertain to the language. For example, English, French and Italian are included in the download package for the professional version, however French and Italian are not included in the download package for the Elements version.

Once you have selected the language, you will be asked to enter your email address so that Adobe can send you important information pertaining to the program.

If you have opted to receive important Adobe updates and software updates in the past, you will notice that you have not been sent any information for several years. However, if you do not want to receive this information, simply hit the “Cancel” button.

Once you have completed registration and have

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After some lengthy, thoughtful and extreme treatment in court, former LulzSec head “recruit” Sabu was freed. But the FBI’s “Operation Centipede” case against other hacking collective Anonymous, and the arrest of other hackers, will continue unabated.

In fact, the FBI has successfully obtained the identities of 10 more hackers who are now the subject of an international dragnet. And finally, the feds caught up with one of the two people indicted with “Sabu” on Sept. 22 in a bust, allegedly at San Francisco’s airport, in which several computers and a quantity of drugs were seized. This is the arrest to end all arrests, the FBI claims, in a press release announcing the operation.

But as more hackers are identified and arrested — at least 10 — it might be time to take a step back to reconsider the entire undercover war against these groups. We’ll look at that in the coming months.

The FBI says of the 10 new arrests: “Arrests were made in multiple countries on seven continents, and the investigation has led to an arrest of a man in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

“The extradition process has allowed law enforcement to arrest several suspects in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.”

“[The] investigation has also led to the arrest of a man in the San Francisco Bay Area. The extradition process has allowed law enforcement to arrest several suspects in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.”

That’s entirely true. And it’s also entirely disingenuous.

The arrests of 10 more people outside of the U.S. are clearly intended to make the arrested American hackers look worse. After all, most of those arrested have names that are remarkably similar to those of the 10 already arrested.

But if the FBI is trying to make it look like all the arrests are in other countries, that’s not working so well.

The agency has insisted on being very careful in releasing any information about its case. Let’s just say that the 10 new arrests should have been harder to make.

Now, the FBI has to disclose just who and where those 10 new arrests are. Based on what we already know, based on the fact that the 10th one has already been arrested, it

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How to return a string while creating an object in BCL

I’m trying to create a class which have a very similar name with another class in.NET Framework. For instance, ClassA is the default class name for the DataRowView.
Then, at the end I want to return a string which is the new object name, as shown below:
public class ClassA
public string Name { get; set; }

public class ClassB : ClassA
public string Name { get; set; }

public override string ToString()
return Name;

public string ToString(ClassA cls)
//New object
return cls.ToString() +”.”+cls.Name;

public static void Main()
var a = new ClassA();
var b = new ClassB() { Name = “ABC” };


The expected output of this code is “ClassA.ABC”, but I’m getting “ClassA” without “ABC”.
How can I fix this problem?


This is because the object a is a reference to the same object. You need to instantiate it again so that you create two different objects:
var a = new ClassA();
var b = new ClassB() { Name = “ABC” };

// Create a different instance to print correctly:

You can simplify this by using the static ToString function without passing in the class. If it’s in a base class, it will return the base type name (string in this example). You will still need to instantiate the derived type though.

You also don’t need to override ToString since the base method is virtual and it will still call it when you want. You also need to specify the return type if you override the base method
public override string ToString()
return Name;

If you want to avoid hardcoding

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